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An early champion of artists engaged with technology, Pace has long held innovation as a core value. The development of Pace Verso aligns with the gallery’s history of supporting boundary-pushing artists and their projects, and it underscores the gallery’s commitment to the advanced studio practices of artists within and beyond its program. In 2022, Pace Verso announced a partnership with Art Blocks, the industry-leading platform for generative art, to release boundary-pushing generative NFT projects by Pace’s artists as well as crypto-native artists selected by and developed in partnership with Pace Verso.

Current & Upcoming Projects


Still from Schema, Mint #1 of 300 unique, generative artworks © DRIFT and Jeff Davis, courtesy Pace Verso and Art Blocks

DRIFT with Jeff Davis


Schema, a new collaborative project by DRIFT artists Lonneke Gordijn and Ralph Nauta and artist Jeff Davis, combines DRIFT’s kinetic flowers with Davis’s beloved color studies. Consisting of 300 animated digital artworks, the project was inspired by Meadow's two-dimensional schematic designs and celebrates the preliminary work that goes into realizing any large-scale art installation. The project will be available for purchase through a Dutch auction hosted on (opens in a new window) artblocks.io beginning at 12 p.m. EST on November 13.

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Maya Lin

Ghost Forest Seedlings

Pace Verso, the hub for integrated Web3 projects at Pace Gallery, is pleased to announce details of Maya Lin’s first-ever generative art project, Ghost Forest Seedlings. An extension of the artist’s acclaimed 2021 Ghost Forest installation, this new project is produced by Pace Verso in collaboration with the experimental Web3 art studio E.A.T__WORKS. Ghost Forest Seedlings was released on September 18, coinciding with Climate Week NYC, and is available for purchase through Pace Verso.

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Pace Verso


Peter Saville, Stephen Morris, and the Joy Division Archive

Introducing CP1919, a new digital, visual, and audio project created by multidisciplinary artist Peter Saville, musician Stephen Morris, and the Joy Division Archive, which elaborates upon the iconic cover art of Joy Division’s seminal album Unknown Pleasures, released by Factory Records 44 years ago.

CP1919 comprises two distinct digital artworks: CP1919: Sweeping Sun White 2023, an open edition featuring a monochromatic white color palette, and CP1919: Sweeping Sun Black 2023, a one-of-one edition with a monochromatic black color palette.

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Nibiru – Gravity of Earth by Sui Jianguo

Sui Jianguo


Sculptor Sui Jianguo—who is known for his use of diverse media and wide-ranging forms in works that examine the modern history of China—has created an NFT series derived from his highly tactile Traces series. His first NFT will feature an image of an imaginary celestial body, Nibiru, as it travels through the solar system and is influenced by the invisible gravitational pulls of various planets.

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Jeff Koons

Moon Phases

Centering on the Moon as a symbol of human curiosity and the desire to achieve, Jeff Koons: Moon Phases comprises 125 unique works, each consisting of three components: a sculpture that will be installed on the Moon in perpetuity, a sculpture that will stay on the Earth, and an NFT that corresponds with the sculptures on the Moon and the Earth.

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Past Projects

John Gerrard

World Flag

Building on the success of Petro National and Western Flag (NFT), World Flag is a new generative artwork series by John Gerrard. Each of the 195 World Flag NFTs depicts a different UN member’s flag amid one of four future deserts that speak to the threats of the climate crisis—these landscapes include sandy, ash, cracked mud, and gravel deserts, all of which are generated randomly and uniquely using code-based frequencies, shapes, colors, and skies. In these scenes, which are set in the distant future, the various countries’ flags represent a lost global infrastructure, and the landscapes can be understood as specters of the past, of a depleted global ecology.

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Bright Moments

A.A. Murakami

Metabolic Metropolis

Titled Metabolic Metropolis, A.A. Murakami’s new NFT series will comprise 100 generative artworks released as part of Bright Moments’ “Japanese Contemporary Collection.” Collectors are invited to mint these NFTs as part of an immersive in-person showcase presented by Bright Moments in Tokyo.

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Pace Verso x PROOF

Mika Tajima

Archive of Feelings (January 1, 2023, United States of America)

The first collaboration between Pace Verso and PROOF, Archive of Feelings is based on Mika Tajima's existing Human Synth series of large-scale installations that use a custom sentiment analysis algorithm to process text-based social media data and forecast collective emotions.

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Loie Hollowell

QQL: Parametric Expression

Complementing Tyler Hobbs’ in-person presentation with Pace in New York, this focused online exhibition brings together new QQL NFTs produced by three artists within the gallery’s program—Tara Donovan, DRIFT, and Loie Hollowell—along with William Mapan, Claire Silver, and Grant Yun, artists who have emerged as leading voices within Web3.

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Art Blocks x Pace Verso

Trevor Paglen


Trevor Paglen’s first-ever Web3 series, PRELUDES, is one component of a multifaceted project that also includes a new “speculative reality work” in the form of a vinyl LP record and an in-person exhibition. All these elements explore histories of military and CIA influence operations in the US, centering on themes of “mind control,” PSYOPS, and disinformation.

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Art Blocks x Pace Verso

Robert Whitman

New Worlds

Robert Whitman’s first-ever NFT project, New Worlds, transports viewers to otherworldly, cosmic landscapes beyond the Earth. Each of the 500 generative, interactive, and unique New Worlds NFTs centers on an imagined celestial body in space.

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Screenshot 2022-12-09 at 10.14.27

Art Blocks x Pace Verso

A.A. Murakami

Floating World Genesis

Known for creating unique sensory installations that explore phenomena of the natural world, A.A. Murakami has developed Floating World Genesis as an ode to primordial life on Earth.

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Random International & Danil Krivoruchko

Life in Our Minds

Titled Life in Our Minds and presented in collaboration with Snark.art, this two-part project comprises an animated NFT collection and a related interactive video sculpture—titled Mother Flock and made up of the individual NFTs—that will be unveiled later this year.

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Main_Matter is Void - Water


Matter is Void

Matter is Void, the first-ever NFT project by the interdisciplinary art collective teamLab, comprises seven unique NFTs bearing the words “Matter is Void,” a reference to the Japanese-Buddhist expression Shikisoku Zekuu, which centers on the meanings of emptiness.

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Art Blocks x Pace Verso

Loie Hollowell


Loie Hollowell’s first-ever NFT project is based on her Split Orb sculptural paintings, a series of works she began creating following the birth of her second child.

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QWERTY #80 by Tara Donovan

Art Blocks x Pace Verso

Tara Donovan


QWERTY is a meditation on the ways that type can function as a building block for creating patterns. Each NFT in this series depicts repeating, mesmeric arrangements of a single letter or symbol represented on computer keyboards.

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Art Blocks x Pace Verso

John Gerrard

Petro National

Petro National addresses contemporary issues of oil consumption, and it is the first NFT project to be released as part of a new partnership between Pace Verso, the gallery’s Web3 hub, and Art Blocks, the leading generative art platform.

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Celestial Burial of an Artist #2.width-2000.jpg

Zhang Huan

Celestial Burial

Pace Verso is pleased to present artist Zhang Huan’s new NFT series Celestial Burial. Four editions of Celestial Burial, which is informed by Zhang’s storied My New York (2002) performance in a suit made of meat, will be available on March 17.

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Lucas Samaras


On January 26, the second drop of NFTs derived from Lucas Samaras’s XYZ series became available on Pace Verso. This presentation follows the platform’s initial drop of XYZ NFTs in November 2021, and the digital artworks in the latest suite are priced at $20,000 each. Each NFT is accompanied by a physical 11 x 17-inch framed print. These works are dated 2012/2021 to reflect their original format and later transformation into NFTs.

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Leo Villareal and Art Blocks

Cosmic Reef

On January 24, Leo Villareal launched his first series of NFTs, titled Cosmic Reef, on the platform Art Blocks. Cosmic Reef comprises 1,024 unique digital works that draw on an infinite array of sequences in the natural world. Layered geometries in the works, which explore beauty and randomness in nature, are the result of a combination of human control and computational chance.

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Social Share #1.jpg

Glenn Kaino

Pass the Baton

As part of the Pace’s presentation at Art Basel Miami Beach 2021, the gallery spotlighted a hologram from Glenn Kaino’s digital art project Pass the Baton. NFTs from the Pass the Baton series, presented by Pace Verso, are inspired by the storied career of Olympic track and field athlete Tommie Smith, Kaino’s longtime collaborator in his Legacy Team works. Smith is known for his salute for human rights at the 1968 Olympic Games, a gesture that has been deeply impactful for future generations.

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Block Universe by DRIFT/Diablo, Don

DRIFT & Don Diablo

Block Universe

DRIFT artists Lonneke Gordijn and Ralph Nauta collaborated with musician and digital art pioneer Don Diablo on their first-ever NFT, which debuted in Pace’s booth at Art Basel Miami Beach 2021 and was also presented by Pace Verso. Titled Block Universe (2021), the NFT is part of an augmented reality work that figured in DRIFT’s 2021 solo exhibition at Pace Gallery in New York.

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Salute (Generations) by Glenn Kaino

Glenn Kaino

Invisible Man (Ceremony) & Salute (Generations)

The inaugural Pace Verso program featured two NFTs from Glenn Kaino’s Legacy Team project, a longstanding collaboration between the artist and the Olympic track and field athlete Tommie Smith. These works digital works are informed by Smith’s athletic achievements and his salute for human rights salute at the 1968 Olympic Games.

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Urs Fischer


Twelve NFTs from Urs Fischer’s CHAOS series, which comprises a total of 501 digital sculptures, are on view in an online exhibition with Pace Verso. This body of work, created using 3D modeling and 3D scanning, features pairings of objects and foods produced or cultivated by humans. Each digital sculpture features two rotating components that collide and intersect with one another.

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