Culture & Equity

Pace Gallery’s Culture & Equity Committee is a coalition of staff members working towards the ongoing development of a diverse gallery culture rooted in equity and reciprocity.

Through interconnected projects, events, and initiatives, the Culture & Equity Committee aims to cultivate an environment of empowerment and belonging for Pace's artists, employees, clients, visitors, community partners, and wider audiences. The Culture & Equity Committee operates through lateral leadership and in close collaboration with Pace’s People & Culture team.

2022 Culture & Equity Focus Areas and Subcommittees

Pay Equity Data Analysis

The Pay Equity Data Analysis subcommittee is focused on expanding upon preexisting pay equity projects through gathering departmental data, analyzing results, and synthesizing these findings for the gallery’s upper management.

Based on the results of a 2021 C&E survey, pay equity conversations are among the highest-ranking interests for Pace’s employees. This subcommittee was formed to reaffirm the importance of these findings and strengthen the gallery’s commitment to equity.

Career Development

The mission of the Career Development subcommittee is to ensure that Pace employees have tools to aid in the advancement of their roles in the fine arts industry.

Community Engagement

The Community Engagement subcommittee is focused on initiatives that welcome Pace Gallery's neighbors into its spaces. The aim is to develop events, practices, and programming that connect with a greater audience, expanding opportunities for enrichment and dialogue, particularly with groups that have been historically marginalized.

Exhibition Engagement

The Exhibition Engagement subcommittee’s mission is to collaborate with Exhibitions, Communications, Events, and Dealers Offices to develop initiatives that promote equitable programming.

Additionally, we aim to provide opportunities for engagement with Pace and other arts institutions with the objective of supporting core business functions through cultivating new audiences.

Public Engagement

Public programming initiatives are central to Pace Gallery’s Culture & Equity mission. With a distinct focus on increasing engagement with diverse artists, scholars, and cultures, each initiative is designed to be both externally facing and meaningfully integrated within the gallery’s departments.

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Guided Tours

As part of an effort spearheaded by the Culture & Equity Committee, Pace now offers guided tours and immersive engagement opportunities to increase the accessibility of our gallery spaces and exhibition programming. With a specific focus on students, historically marginalized audiences, and communities with limited access to the arts, we’ve welcomed over 100 new visitors through this emergent program.

To organize a visit, please reach out to

2022 Culture & Equity Committee Members

Deja Belardo (Jan – Aug 2022)
Christiana Boyle
Michael Brown
Francesca Clerjeune
Ben Epstein
Kevin Jones
Gina Lopez
Kelly Ludew
Hannah Root
Jasmine Rosa
Calil Russell (Jan – Nov 2022)
Adriano Valeri
Nicole Wilson
Facilitator: Jumoke McDuffie-Thurmond, Culture & Equity Program Manager

For additional information or inquiries, please reach out to