Installation view, Sam Gilliam: Existed Existing, Nov 6 – Dec 19, 2020, Pace Gallery, New York © Sam Gilliam / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York



Marc Glimcher, Chief Executive Officer

Arne Glimcher, Chairman

Samanthe Rubell, President

Leng Lin, Partner and President, Asia
Joe Baptista, Partner
Bill Griffin, Managing Partner
Maggie Kayne, Managing Partner

Elliot McDonald, Senior Vice President, London
Jessie Washburne-Harris, Senior Vice President, New York
Valentina Volchkova, Senior Vice President, Geneva
Youngjoo Lee, Senior Vice President, Seoul
Lauren Panzo, Vice President, New York
Ben Strauss-Malcolm, Vice President, New York

Executive Committee

Gary Bannett, Chief Financial Officer
Chris Harnden, Chief Operating Officer
Halie Klein, General Counsel
Susan Lauher, Chief People & Culture Officer
Amelia Redgrift, Chief Communications & Marketing Officer
James Sadek, Chief Programming Officer


Peter Boris, Executive Vice President, New York
Amy Lynn Baumann, Senior Director, New York
Kimberly Jones, Senior Director, New York
Christiana Ine-Kimba Boyle, Senior Director and Head of Online, New York
Alexander Brown, Director, New York
Danielle Forest, Director, New York
Kaelan Kleber, Director, Artist Liaison, New York
Jessica Mostow, Director, Artist Liaison, New York

Genevieve Day, Senior Director, Los Angeles
Nicholas Gregory, Director, Los Angeles
Colleen Grennan, Senior Director, Los Angeles
Elizabeth Sullivan, Vice President, Los Angeles, Palo Alto

Allison Raddock, Director, Palm Beach

Tamara Corm, Senior Director, London
Karine Haimo, Senior Director, London
Georgina Rees, Director, London
Gea Ermotti, Sales and Exhibitions Director, London

Sylvie Tiao, Vice President, Hong Kong

Mark Beasley, Curatorial Director, New York
Oliver Shultz, Curatorial Director, New York


Gracia Ross, Senior Director, Deputy to the CMO, New York

Gillian Canavan, Editorial Director, New York
Tomo Makiura, Art Director, New York
Paul Pollard, Graphics Director, New York

Guy Ben-Ari, Imaging Director, New York

Rebecca Riegelhaupt, Communications Director, Europe

Press Inquiries:


Reid Anderson, Senior Director, Art Resources, New York
Catherine Davis, Head of Collections, New York
Garrett Smith, Director of Operations, New York
Ugo di Donato, Director of Operations, New York
Frank Lentini, Art Resources Director, New York
Doni Lucas, Art Resources Director, New York
Sylvain Marchand, Exhibition Design & Construction Director, New York
Jon Mason, Senior Director, Research & Archives, New York

Meghan Coleman, Senior Director, Los Angeles

Lydia Stewart, Senior Director, Operations, London


Meghan Harold, Global Controller

Tim Gutch, Director of Global Sales Accounting, New York

Helen Baker, Director of Financial Planning & Analysis, London