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A.A. Murakami, Metabolic Metropolis, 2023 © A.A. Murakami

Bright Moments

A.A. Murakami

Metabolic Metropolis

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A.A. Murakami
Bright Moments

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Mint Pass Release Date: Thursday, April 20, 2023
10 AM PT
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Pace Verso is pleased to announce a new blockchain-backed project by the artistic duo A.A. Murakami produced with the generative art company Bright Moments, known for its presentations of live “IRL minting” events.

Titled Metabolic Metropolis, A.A. Murakami’s new NFT series will comprise 100 generative artworks released as part of Bright Moments’ “Japanese Contemporary Collection.” Collectors are invited to mint these NFTs as part of an immersive in-person showcase presented by Bright Moments in Tokyo from May 5 to May 10.

Metabolic Metropolis follows A.A. Murakami’s release of the Floating World Genesis NFT series last year. Each of the Floating World Genesis NFTs depicts one of three animated scenes featuring bubbles to chronicle the origins of life on Earth. Bubbles have been an enduring source of inspiration for A.A. Murakami, whose seminal work New Spring (2017) is an interactive, multi-sensory installation that produces mist-filled blossoms.

The duo is known for creating interactive installations as part of a long-standing exploration of natural phenomena and systems. With these concerns at the center of their practice, A.A. Murakami has pioneered the development of “ephemeral tech,” or technology that is experienced not through standard interfaces like screens, but through tactile and ethereal matter, facilitating fleeting but deeply meaningful in-person experiences.

Mint Passes for A.A. Murakami’s new NFT series will be sold by Bright Moments in a Dutch auction on April 20. Mint Pass holders will then be able to mint one of the 100 NFTs in May, either on-site at Bright Moments Tokyo or remotely. Whether they are minted live in Tokyo or remotely, these generative NFTs will reflect the unique experience of the Bright Moments event, which will center on an NFT vending machine designed by A.A. Murakami.

Mint Pass holders minting in Tokyo will be able to participate in a special experience centered on this vending machine. Making a purchase from the vending machine will kickstart a series of experiential events that includes Murakami’s signature fog rings, which, in this instance, will be both physical and digital. Through this experience— which is deeply engaged with A.A. Murakami's interest in the sensorial and phenomenological dimensions of the natural world—Mint Pass holders will receive their Metabolic Metropolis NFT.

Event attendees without Mint Passes for the new NFT series will also be able to interact with the vending machine and take part in the experience. They will have the opportunity to purchase a canned beverage from the machine. The can that is dispensed will have a QR code that allows them to claim a free NFT with imagery tied to the new project in Tokyo.

All Floating World Genesis NFT holders will have exclusive access to a digital vending machine to claim one of these new NFTs. These collectors will be able to engage with the digital vending machine from anywhere in the world, and they are guaranteed a free NFT from this second, related new project.


About the Artist

A.A.Murakami is a Tokyo / London based Artist duo. Their unique sensory installations are an ongoing series of works, which follows the tradition of artists emulating nature. In the same way ancient civilisations made structures to chart the passage of the sun or early cave paintings to depict the natural world, A.A.Murakami pursues an innate human desire to use art to connect with and revere the natural systems on which our existence depends. They pioneer in ‘Ephemeral Tech’ which explores this intrinsic driver of creation using technology to evoke both primordial origins and future worlds.

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