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Invisible Man (Ceremony) & Salute (Generations)

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Glenn Kaino
Invisible Man (Ceremony)
Salute (Generations)


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Above: Glenn Kaino, Salute (Generations), 2021, NFT, non-fungible token, digital animation with sound © Glenn Kaino

The inaugural Pace Verso program featured two NFTs from Glenn Kaino’s Legacy Team project, a longstanding collaboration between the artist and the Olympic track and field athlete Tommie Smith.

These works digital works are informed by Smith’s athletic achievements and his salute for human rights salute at the 1968 Olympic Games.

Invisible Man (Ceremony) (2021) is inspired by the opening ceremony of the Olympics and Kaino’s three-dimensional, life-sized sculpture Invisible Man (Salute). The NFT depicts the figurative sculpture in the middle of a stadium. The monumental work disappears as it dissolves into the reflection of thousands of protesters. Presented on an infinite loop, Invisible Man (Ceremony) incorporates a custom soundtrack by musician and producer David Sitek.

Based on Kaino’s sculptural series Salute, the NFT Salute (Generations) (2021) features a seemingly infinite display of digitally animated sculptures of Smith’s arm. In his three-dimensional works of this kind, the artist uses mirrors to create infinite reflections of the arm sculpture. For Salute (Generations), Kaino makes use of this illusory effect to addresses the ways that protest movements evolve over time.

Featured Works

Glenn Kaino, Invisible Man (Ceremony), 2021, non-fungible token, digital animation with sound
Glenn Kaino, Salute (Generations), 2021, non-fungible token, digital animation

About the Artist

Glenn Kaino is known internationally for his expansive vision and activist-minded practice, which encompasses painting, sculpture, installation, performance, monumental public art, theatrical production, and feature film.

Examining a wide range of political, social, and environmental issues in his work, Kaino takes a multidisciplinary and collaborative approach to art making. His work brings together systems of knowledge, forms of production, and people that do not normally have a chance to connect, and often involves long-term partnerships with a diverse array of visionary collaborators. Kaino’s work in any media and within any system is distinguished by his obsessive investment in technical virtuosity, functionality, and legitimacy.

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