New York

Group Presentation

Mar 13–Apr 24, 2021

This group presentation brings together works by 11 gallery artists working at the intersection of art and technology. Employing light, sound, and an array of digital technologies—including LEDs and custom-built software—the pieces on view are united by an experimental approach to materiality and an interactive nature.

Spanning the experiential to the conversational, the presentation as a whole reflects art’s unique capacity to shape lived experience and consciousness. 

Featured artists include: David Byrne, Mary Corse, DRIFT, John Gerrard, JR, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Random International, Michal Rovner, teamLab, Leo Villareal, and Robert Whitman. An interest digital technologies and their application in the art-making process is a fundamental facet of Pace’s program, and is part of a legacy that began with foundational artists Robert Irwin, Keith Sonnier, and James Turrell.

Presentation Details

Mar 13 – Apr 24, 2021

Above: John Gerrard, X. Laevis (Spacelab) 2017, 2017, simulation, overall installation dimensions variable, Edition of 4 + 2 APs © John Gerrard

510 West 25th Street
New York

New York — Group Presentation, Mar 13–Apr 24, 2021