Migrants, Mayra, Picnic across the border, Tecate, Mexico - U.S.A., 2017.jpg

Installation view, JR, Migrants, Mayra, Picnic across the Border, Tecate, Mexico – USA, 2017 © JR


2022_JR_Offical portrait (c) JR - Photo. Grégoire Machavoine_01_c

Portrait of JR. Photo: Grégoire Machavoine


b. 1983, Paris

JR’s communal and collaborative practice promotes civic discourse across the globe through large-scale photographic interventions and digitally collaged murals.

JR uses photographs, murals, films, videos, and other multimedia works to address socio-economic and political issues. His work—which he refers to as “infiltrating art,” a term descriptive of its ubiquity and ability to reach an audience beyond those who visit museums—has been installed across the globe, from the streets of Paris to the favelas of Brazil and the border between the United States and Mexico.

Begun in 2011, his Inside Out project has allowed over 500,000 people worldwide to obtain photographic portraits that JR’s team prints as large black-and-white posters. He encourages participants to paste them up in common spaces, adding their images to the public sphere. JR has directed short films including Les Bosquets (2015) and ELLIS (2015), as well as the feature documentary Faces Places (2017), co-directed with Agnès Varda and nominated for an Academy Award. In 2018, JR collaborated with TIME magazine on The Gun Chronicles: A Story of America, creating a magazine cover, video mural, and interactive website which included an exhibition at Pace Gallery in October of 2018. In 2022, JR and TIME magazine worked together again to create the Resilience of Ukraine cover, which captured the unfurling of a 148ft photograph in Lviv, Ukraine of Valeriia, a five-year-old Ukrainian refugee who has become a symbol of hope during the war. Major exhibitions and installations of JR’s work have been held at museums around the world including Centre Pompidou, France (2016); Louvre, France (2016, 2019); Brooklyn Museum, USA (2019-2020); SFMOMA, USA (2019-2020); and Kunsthalle München, Germany (2022-23).


Installation view, JR, Mind the Gap, 2017, Chateau La Coste, France © WE ARE CONTENT(S)

GIANTS, Kikito and the Border Patrol, Tecate, Mexico - U.S.A., 2017.jpg

JR, GIANTS, Kikito and the Border Patrol, Tecate, Mexico - U.S.A., 2017 © JR

Tehachapi, Daytime, U.S.A, 2019.jpg

Installation view, JR, Tehachapi, Daytime, U.S.A, 2019 © JR

The Gun Chronicles, A Story of America, USA, 2018.jpg

JR, The Gun Chronicles: A Story of America, USA, 2018, Saint Louis, Washington, Dallas, USA © JR

The Chronicles of San Francisco, USA, 2018 Mural detail.jpg

JR, The Chronicles of San Francisco, USA, 2018, Mural detail © JR