Torkwase Dyson, I Can Drink the Distance: Plantationocene in 2 Acts, featuring Deja Smith, Arthur Jafa, and Gaika, Performed at Pace Gallery on November 22, 2019 © Torkwase Dyson

Pace Live

A multi-disciplinary platform for music, dance, film, performance, and conversation.

Pace is built on a foundation of strong relationships with artists who push the boundaries of artmaking and this remains central to the gallery’s experience. Pace Live gives artists, scholars, and other critical forces in the field the opportunity and flexibility to experiment across a range of disciplines and connect with the public in new ways. Programmed specifically for Pace’s new flagship space and occupying a 150-seat multi-use gallery, the program will amplify the history of performance throughout the gallery’s program and beyond.

“The idea for Pace Live is like everything at Pace, a response to the way we see artists working today. In developing this program, we wanted to provide a space for artists to experiment, collaborate in unexpected ways, and work across different media. We wanted to create a space where the public could learn what artists are thinking about and why. Pace Live will feature established and emerging voices, boundary-breaking artists, and seek to cultivate the fundamental histories and new directions in dance, film, sound, music, and other developing forms.”—Andria Hickey, Senior Director and Curator.

“Pace Live continues the gallery’s broader mission to keep step with the concerns of artists combining painting and sculpture, from theater through dance to music and literature. Performance art has long been a testing ground for the exploration of new form, and as such Pace Live is an adaptive and uniquely positioned program drawing upon pop culture and the history of the avant-garde in order to support artists in realizing those works of art that the future demands. In an age of mediated engagement and a world experienced via the cell-phone and computer-screen, Pace Live addresses the increasing desire of the audience for first-hand experience and unique encounters.”—Mark Beasley, Curatorial Director, Pace Live.