Torkwase Dyson, Dusk, Performance Dark Adaptive (Zachary Fabri), 2019 © Torkwase Dyson

Pace Live

Pace Live is a multidisciplinary program that encompasses music, dance, film, performance, and conversation.

Pace is built on a foundation of strong relationships with artists who push the boundaries of artmaking and this remains central to the gallery’s experience as its sixtieth anniversary approaches. Pace Live gives artists, scholars, and other critical forces in the field the opportunity and flexibility to experiment across a range of disciplines and connect with the public in new ways. Programmed specifically for Pace’s new flagship space and occupying a 150-seat multi-use gallery, the program will amplify the history of performance throughout the gallery’s program and beyond.

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In recent years performance has become a priority for museum and gallery programming; what was once subcultural now demands global attention. Performance art is a social form; it’s essentially an unmediated encounter that isn’t experienced through a filter or a screen.

Mark Beasley, Curatorial Director, Pace Live