Pace Live

A multi-disciplinary platform for music, dance, film, performance, and conversation.

Pace Live, originally launched in 2019, is a platform for the exploration and intersection of multidisciplinary art forms, encompassing performance, music, dance, film, and conversation, as well as new live art commissions. Helmed by Mark Beasley, our Curatorial Director and former Curator of Media and Performance Art at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in Washington, D.C., Pace Live provides artists and other critical forces in the field the opportunity to connect with the public in new ways.

Through Pace Live, performance art and live programming are a cornerstone of our larger mission to foster contemporary practices across disciplines. As live performance spaces begin to reopen in New York and around the world—and after a year of virtual Pace Live programming—we are focused on developing new hybrid models for Pace Live designed to best serve a post-COVID world by creating opportunities for performance to be interpreted for the digital space and for audiences to connect with live art remotely, as well as in person.

Mark Beasley recently noted:

“As we begin to return to social space and to public gatherings, Pace Live recognizes the need for a hybrid space that addresses both online and in-person programming. Living remotely and distanced has taught us what we perhaps took for granted: bodies together in a room and the socialization of new ideas and thinking. As one of the only commercial gallery programs devoted solely to expanding and supporting contemporary performance art, Pace Live looks to support artists as they continue to engage audiences. Whether remotely, through screens and tablets in the home or place of work, to a Central London street or a Chelsea gallery, artists are key to understanding shared space and being together in a post-COVID world.”

Recent Programs

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Daniel O'Sullivan

Live from Yoshitomo Nara's Pinacoteca
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Convergent Evolutions

A Performance with Caitlin Cherry's Quaternion
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Moriah Evans

Scenes from Be My Muse
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