Installation view, Random International: Rain Room, Sharjah Art Foundation © Random International

Artist Projects

Random International

Rain Room

Sharjah Foundation, Al Majarrah Park, UAE

Permanent Installation

Random International's site-specific Rain Room is on view for the first time in the Middle East, presented by the Sharjah Foundation at Al Majarrah Park. This immersive installation simulates the experience of continuous rainfall and invites the audience to move through the downpour yet remain dry, as their movements trigger motion sensors that pause the rainfall when their movements are detected. Rain Room reflects the relationship between man and machine and centers on audience interaction. 

Rain Room is now permanently on view at Al Majarrah Park, Sharjah. For more information on the installation, visit Sharjah Art Foundation's (opens in a new window) website

  • Artist Projects — Random International's "Rain Room" installed in Sharjah, May 2, 2019