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How to Grow Your Perfect Life in Our Minds NFT

Published Friday, Nov 11, 2022

Life in Our Minds, a new generative art project by the experimental art collective Random International in collaboration with multidisciplinary digital artist Danil Krivoruchko, includes an animated NFT collection, which became available for purchase on’s OG.Art NFT platform on October 25, 2022, as well as a related interactive video sculpture. Titled Mother Flock, this constantly evolving virtual sculpture, which is made up of the individual Life in Our Minds NFTs, transforms based on the behaviors of its constituent NFTs. However, this expansive and multifaceted project is far from complete. The NFTs began their custom evolution on November 1, 2022, a week after the initial sale, and will continue for 100 days. The following guide outlines seven tips for achieving formal changes in Life in Our Minds NFTs.

1. Don’t Sell It

Life in Our Minds NFTs are initially generated and evolve according to the content of its owner’s wallet, among other factors. The longer a Life in Our Minds NFT remains in a single collector’s wallet, the rarer and more elaborate its formal characteristics become: the number of Boids may increase, and their formations and decorative patterns may change. These interactive, 3D video NFTs are distinguished by their continuous development, which is achieved through the highly complex and inventive technological processes of the Life in Our Minds collection. If sold, the NFTs will stop growing, but continue to evolve in the new owner's wallet immediately after purchase.

The process outlined below occurs at different speeds depending on the NFT:

  1. A Boid is added to the NFT
  2. The decorative pattern is revealed
  3. The pattern may take on the formal qualities of silver, gold, or pearl
  4. The whole Boid has the potential to transform its color

2. Hold NFTs from Other Collections in Your Wallet

There are more than 50 custom evolutionary traits only available to people who hold NFTs associated with specific collections. A complete list of these collections follows below:

Pace Verso, Proof Collective, Tom Sachs Rocket Factory, TRLab, Outland, PleasrDAO, Flamingo DAO, Fingerprints DAO, Meebits, Moonbirds, Doodles, OG:Crystals, Ksoids, [ mxtter ], ForeverBots, 89 seconds Atomized by Eve Sussman, Regulars, CloneX, Cryptopunks,, World of Women, Cool Cats, CrypToadz, Moon Phases by Jeff Koons, VeeFriends, Art Blocks Curated Collection, Autoglyphs, CyberKongz, Invisible Friends, MFers, Murakami, Flowers, XCopy, Chimpers, Creature World, CyberBrokers, Psychedelics Anonymous, rektguy, MOAR by Joan Cornella, Pace x Art Blocks, Friends with Benefits,, OnChainMonkey, Otherdeed, BAYC, MAYC, BAKC

Rare NFTs from these other collections unlock equally rare patterns for Life in Our Minds NFTs.

3. Buy Several Life in Our Minds NFTs

All Life in Our Minds NFTs will eventually reach a final form, but the pieces that evolve earliest will inherently hold more value. Holding multiple Life in Our Minds NFTs boosts the evolution speed for your entire collection.

4. Add an NFT from the OG:Crystals Collection to Your Wallet

Owning NFTs from the OG:Crystals collection, co-created by and Krivoruchko, will boost the evolution speed of Life in Our Minds NFTs. Interactions between the related OG:Crystals and Life in Our Minds collections produce special, collaborative traits in the Boids.

5. Transfer Your Life in Our Minds NFT to Another Wallet

Since some Life in Our Minds NFT features are predetermined by the contents of an owner’s wallet, transferring the NFT to another wallet may enable further evolutions. A second wallet may also boost the evolution speed.

6. Pause Your Life In Our Minds NFT’s Evolution at Any Time

If the appearance of a Life in Our Minds NFT is satisfactory, the owner is able to lock it at any time with the on-demand option on the OG.Art platform.

Owners can always reverse this decision by unlocking its evolutionary capabilities. Remember, though, owners cannot make further changes once the whole NFT collection evolution process is finished and the Mother Flock obtains the final sum and appearance of its elements.

7. Keep Your Fingers Crossed

The following list details the Life in Our Minds NFT characteristics that can be affected by the contents of the buyer’s wallet:

  • Evolution speed
  • Collaboration patterns on the Boids produced by other NFTs within the owner's wallet
  • Special pattern materials distribution: the percentage of regular colors versus silver, gold, or pearl *
  • Special Boid materials percentage: for example, an entirely gold NFT *

*This property is defined upon minting: sales on the secondary market will not influence further changes.

Other NFT properties are predefined, such as:

  • The shape of the Boids
  • The maximum number of Boids in a given Life in Our Minds NFT
  • The shapes of the Boids’ formations, such as circles, triangles, squares, infinities, etc.
  • Initial evolution progress: some Life in Our Minds NFTs may be released with 5 percent progress, and others could have 30 percent progress
  • NFT color distributions (flat, rainbow, gradient, etc.)

  • Pace Verso — How to Grow Your Perfect Life in Our Minds NFT, Nov 11, 2022