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Random International, Fifteen Points II, 2019, aluminium, stainless steel, motors, driver electronics, custom software, 200 cm × 240 cm × 1,220 cm (78-3/4" × 94-1/2" × 40' 5/16") © Random International

Museum Exhibitions

Random International

Physical Algorithm

Oct 11, 2019 – Jan 31, 2020
Paradise Art Space, Paradise City, Incheon, South Korea

Random International: Physical Algorithm is Asia's first comprehensive solo exhibition of Random International, an artist collective established by Hannes Koch and Florian Ortkrass.

Since its initiation in 2005, Random International has been researching various forms of digital interactive art with a focus on audience participation as well as doing experimental practices to explore human identity and autonomy in the post digital age. 

In this solo show, Paradise Art Space presents the works of all periods in three sections: 'response: watch', 'imitation: follow', and 'object: entity stage', which enables viewers to have new perceptions and experiences about the relationship between human beings and technology.

For more information, visit Paradise Art Space's (opens in a new window) website.

  • Museum Exhibitions — Paradise Art Space Presents "Random International: Physical Algorithm", Oct 11, 2019