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Published Tuesday, Oct 11, 2022

On the occasion of the 2022 edition of Frieze London and the inaugural edition of Paris+ par Art Basel, we are pleased to unveil a new film series exploring the multifarious practices of artists Gideon Appah, Matthew Day Jackson, Virginia Jaramillo, Acaye Kerunen, Kylie Manning, Maysha Mohamedi, and Mika Tajima—all of whom joined our gallery in 2022.

Artist Films

Gideon Appah

Gideon Appah draws on childhood memories and dreams, as well as West African landscapes and popular culture for his dazzling, bold, and jewel-toned paintings. Our latest film takes us to Appah’s studio in Accra, Ghana, where the artist discusses his deeply personal work, selections from which will highlight our 2022 Frieze London booth.

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Matthew Day Jackson

Matthew Day Jackson, who brings research and experimentation to the fore of his expansive, multidisciplinary practice, engages with a wide range of subjects in his work, from the historical and scientific to the futuristic and fantastical. In our new film, Jackson discusses his inspiration and multifaceted process for creating his new series of landscape paintings, which will figure in our presentation at Paris+ par Art Basel 2022.

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Virginia Jaramillo

In a career spanning over six decades, Virginia Jaramillo has ascended into the annals of contemporary art as a result of her steadfast precision and rigorous form across her oeuvre of minimalist paintings. In our latest film, Jaramillo—whose work is included in our 2022 Frieze London presentation—discusses her lifelong practice marked by a commitment to complementary tenets of minimalism and modernity.

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Acaye Kerunen

Through her multidisciplinary practice, Acaye Kerunen seeks to dismantle the hierarchies of fine art and craft, elevating women’s labor within socio-political systems. Her mutable, expansive installations—for which materiality is a central component—can be understood as living artworks. Ahead of her Pace debut at our 2022 Frieze London booth, Kerunen spoke from her London studio about the influence of craft on her practice and how her work embodies rich artistic legacies originating in Africa’s Great Lakes region.

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Kylie Manning

Using brushwork, light, and balance, Kylie Manning captures moments within her personal history, such as her time working on Alaskan fishing boats and memories of surfing in Mexico. On the occasion of her inclusion in our 2022 Frieze London presentation, Manning spoke with us from her Brooklyn studio on the “hyperpersonal” nature of her ethereal oil paint compositions.

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Maysha Mohamedi

In her abstract paintings that function as maps of sensation, cognition, and experience, Maysha Mohamedi explores the expressive possibilities of color. On the occasion of Pace’s presentation at Paris+ par Art Basel 2022, where the gallery will show a new work by Mohamedi, the artist spoke from her Los Angeles studio about her deeply personal approach to mark making and use of color.

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Mika Tajima

At the heart of Mika Tajima’s multidisciplinary practice is a profound inquiry into the conditions of human agency and self-determinacy in built and virtual spaces. On the occasion of our 2022 Frieze London presentation, Tajima invites us to her Brooklyn studio, where she discusses how her work approaches concepts of performance, control, and freedom.

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