Maysha Mohamedi_Solemnity in the Antechamber of Dread_81718_v01.jpg

Maysha Mohamedi, Solemnity in the Antechamber of Dread, 2022, oil on canvas, 88" × 99" (223.5 cm × 251.5 cm) © Maysha Mohamedi

Maysha Mohamedi

Portrait of Maysha Mohamedi

Photo: Megan Cerminaro. Courtesy of the artist.


b. 1980, Los Angeles


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Vibrant and playful, Mohamedi’s innovative practice points toward a new mode of atmospheric abstraction that registers certain conditions specific to Los Angeles—and American life as a whole—in the early 21st century.

Reflecting her personal history, everyday experiences, and key constellations in her own cultural matrix, her palette is both purely abstract and directly connected to the patchwork of landscapes, objects, and environments that comprise her life. These range from an Ojai, California playground the artist visited with her children, clippings from cookbooks and magazines, to sea glass found on the shore. Mohamedi’s works are reflections of her own thinking, crystallized as moments of haptic communion. The artist’s academic background in neuroscience is found in the liveliness and expansiveness of her paintings. Liberated from the constraints and dictates of the three-dimensional world, her immersive works exude a sense of freedom and illimitability. For Mohamedi, the viewer is an equal creator in this shared universe of boundless possibilities.

Maysha Mohamedi received a Bachelor of Science in 2002 from the University of California, San Diego, where she studied cognitive science, specializing in neuroscience, and she earned a Master of Fine Arts in painting from the California College of the Arts in San Francisco in 2011. Mohamedi’s work has been the subject of solo exhibitions with The Lodge, Los Angeles (2018); Parrasch Heijnen Gallery, Los Angeles (2021); and Massimo De Carlo, Paris (2022). Her work has been presented in group exhibitions at Fourteen30 Contemporary, Portland, Oregon (2019); and Blum & Poe, Los Angeles (2021); and Mu.ZEE, Ostend, Belgium (2022), among others.

Maysha Mohamedi_Suzi Loves Jordan Almonds and Me_81922.jpg

Maysha Mohamedi, Suzi Loves Jordan Almonds and Me, 2022, oil on canvas, 88" × 99" (223.5 cm × 251.5 cm) © Maysha Mohamedi

83187_MOHAMEDI_v01-High Resolution ? 300 dpi

Maysha Mohamedi, Gifted and Moody on Torrey Pines Beach, 2022, oil on canvas, 83" × 73" (210.8 cm × 185.4 cm) © Maysha Mohamedi

Grow Me Up in the Fire of Affliction by Maysha Mohamedi

Maysha Mohamedi, Grow Me Up in the Fire of Affliction, 2022, oil on canvas, 99" × 88" (251.5 cm × 223.5 cm) © Maysha Mohamedi


Maysha Mohamedi, Mrs. Law, 2023, oil on canvas, 63" × 51" (160 cm × 129.5 cm) © Maysha Mohamedi

85089_MOHAMEDI_v01-High Resolution _ 300 dpi_

Maysha Mohamedi, My Sam, 2022, oil on canvas, 83" × 73" (210.8 cm × 185.4 cm) © Maysha Mohamedi