Photo by: Ehrhorn Hummerston

Museum Exhibitions

Momentary Monumentality / Kevin Francis Gray

Rudolph Tegners Museum and Sculpturepark

Dronningmølle, Denmark
15 April – 20 October, 2024

In the museum's 8-sided central room stands the work Momentary Monumentality or Purgatory, as the Irish sculptor Kevin Francis Gray (b. 1972) also calls it. Carefully placed on the tile above Rudolph Tegner's grave, so that the epitaph is still visible, stands a giant in the form of figures on a colossus that stretches up towards the skylight 11 meters further up.

Momentary Monumentality is a thought-provoking exhibition that challenges our notions of monuments, fate and man's place in the universe. For more information, please visit the museum's (opens in a new window) website.

  • Museum Exhibitions — Kevin Francis Gray at the Rudolph Tegners Museum and Sculpturepark, May 13, 2024