Hong Hao, Everchanging Appearance No. 11, 2018, watercolor, dust, acrylic, and molding material on canvas, 150 cm × 240 cm × 4.5 cm (59-1/16" × 94-1/2" × 1-3/4") © Hong Hao

Hong Hao

Hong Hao.jpeg

b. 1965, Beijing, China

Much of Hong Hao’s work features assembled and scanned images of various found objects including maps, books, tickets, receipts, banknotes, food, and containers.

In his 2009 solo exhibition Hong Hao: Bottom at Beijing Commune, the artist exhibited a series that features the bottom half of everyday objects. By arranging the scanned images according to their forms and colors, he destructs the functional property of the materials and reproduces an undifferentiated, flattened, deliberately superficial world of aesthetics. While Hong Hao continues to work with found objects as a precursor to finished work, AS IT IS, his solo exhibition at Beijing Commune (2011), demonstrated the artist’s employment of physical forms in a more straightforward manner, creating an interesting dialectical development of both the language and the concept of his art.


Hong Hao, Everchanging Appearance No. 9, 2017, acrylic, molding material and dust on canvas, 170 cm × 100 cm (66-15/16" × 39-3/8") © Hong Hao


Hong Hao, Reflection No. 14, 2016, gold foil, molding material on canvas, 120 cm × 195 cm (47-1/4" × 76-3/4") © Hong Hao