Pace Live

Watch Robert Whitman's "American Moon"

Published Monday, Feb 27, 2023

Watch a full performance of artist Robert Whitman's seminal work American Moon, originally staged in 1960 as part of the Happenings movement on New York's Lower East Side. Presented by Pace Live at our New York gallery in 2023, this reimagined performance reflects the limber, rigorous, and timeless nature of Whitman's work. As with the performance's debut over 60 years ago, Pace Live's re-staging of American Moon features performers and audience members amid an immersive environment of scaffolding, fabric, craft paper, burlap, and varied props.

Artist: Robert Whitman
Re-staging Assistant: Pilar Whitman

Lizzi Bougatsos
Patrick Ljubi Gallagher
Morgan Griffin
Miguel Angel Guzmán
John Hoobyar
Raymond Pinto

Production Team:
Mark Beasley
Lorenzo Bueno
Peter Fikaris
Michael Gallant
Valentina Gallup
Taka Imamura
Frank Lentini
Justine Lugli
Robert Melzmuf
Sasha Okshteyn
Simon Russell
Bill Scanga
Andrew Wingert

  • Pace Live — Watch Robert Whitman's "American Moon", Feb 27, 2023