teamLab to Open Immersive Art Museum in Macao

The Venetian, Macao

January 2020

Interdisciplinary art collective teamLab, together with Sands Resorts Macao, has announced plans to open a monumental, unparalleled museum in Macao in January 2020. The 5,000 square meter space will be set up like a maze, leading visitors through various rooms filled with the group’s digital installations.

teamLab will fill the currently untitled permanent museum with ever-changing artworks reflective of their mission to create digital pieces that connect viewers with nature. The collective describes the space as a “body immersive” museum that will challenge the concept of “physical,” blurring the boundaries between the human body and art. As visitors walk through the space and experience the installations, teamLab hopes they will feel unified with the art.

Along with the announcement, teamLab has shared a video preview of the space that teases a variety of immersive installations, including massive rooms filled with full projections of stars and flowers in conjunction with the studio’s main body of work, as well as more physical experiments like indoor clouds.

  • News — teamLab to Open Immersive Art Museum in Macao, Oct 24, 2019