Explore teamLab's "Massless Suns" with Toshiyuki Inoko

Published Tuesday, Oct 11, 2022

The interdisciplinary art collective teamLab, which is known for its multisensory, immersive work exploring the relationships between individuals and the natural world, is the subject of a solo exhibition at Pace’s expanded arts complex in Seoul. On view through December 24, the show, titled Massless Suns, brings together new and recent works, including the interactive digital installations Massless Suns and Dark Spheres (2022) and Resonating Microcosms - Solidified Light Color, Sunrise and Sunset (2022), which is presented in the gallery’s recently unveiled outdoor sculpture courtyard.

In this new film, teamLab Co-Founder Toshiyuki Inoko discusses the installations in the ongoing presentation in Seoul and outlines the conceptual concerns of the collective’s expansive practice. “All the works in this exhibition deal with the perception of the boundaries between ourselves and the world, and the various boundaries that exist in the world itself,” he says. “We believe that we are continuous with the world, and that the world exists in a single continuity.”

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