Irving Penn, Hell’s Angels, San Francisco, 1967 © The Irving Penn Foundation


Review: Irving Penn at Pace Gallery

Featured in The San Francisco Chronicle

by Sam Whiting

April 10, 2019

Any number of fancy New York photographers came to shoot the Summer of Love in San Francisco, but probably none came in the style of the famous fashion photographer Irving Penn.

"On assignment from Look, the beloved biweekly picture magazine, Penn wanted to photograph the bands and the bikers and the hippies in the same way he shot the Duchess of Windsor, Picasso, President John Kennedy, Marlene Dietrich and so on during his 66 years at Vogue ... His images became an eight-page Look photo spread titled “The Incredibles,” which ran on Jan. 9, 1968. If you somehow missed it, all of those images and outtakes form the exhibition Irving Penn at Pace Gallery in downtown Palo Alto."

Read the full review, written by Sam Whiting, in (opens in a new window) The San Francisco Chronicle.

  • Press — The San Francisco Chronicle Reviews "Irving Penn" at Pace Gallery in Palo Alto, Apr 10, 2019