Museum Exhibitions

Robert Ryman at Dia

The Dia Art Foundation presents an exhibition of nearly fifty years of the work of Robert Ryman, one of the most important artists of the postwar period. Further to his 1993 exhibition at The Museum of Modern Art, this show will provide the public a chance to see paintings and sculptures that have rarely traveled.

“His work is one of those bodies of paintings and sculpture that you need to see in quantity, to get a sense of the rhythm and the seriality and the differences amid the similarities,” said Jessica Morgan, the director of Dia. “There’s also a lot of humor and playfulness in the work that gets lost if you don’t have access to how it works together, which I really hope this show will give.”

Robert Ryman is now on view at Dia’s space at 545 West 22nd Street in New York through June 18, 2016. Read more from the New York Times, (opens in a new window) here.

  • Museum Exhibitions — Robert Ryman at Dia, Jul 17, 2015