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Oct 7, 2020

Since our first exhibition of Jean Dubuffet's work in 1968, we have produced nearly 20 publications focusing on those exhibitions. In celebration of our current exhibition in New York, Le cirque, we've compiled a selection of these catalogues available to explore and purchase at the links below.

Catalogues_2020_DUBUFFET_Painted Sculptures New Sculpture and Drawing_v05-Medium Resolution — 150 dpi_MC.jpg
Jean Dubuffet:
Painted Sculptures
, 1968

In 1968 Pace held a sweeping exhibition of Dubuffet’s recent cast resin sculptures and colored ink drawings. At that point, the artist had already limited his palette to red, white, black, and blue and was beginning to work on a larger scale. The largest sculpture in the show was over seven and a half feet tall, laying important groundwork for the monuments to come.

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Catalogues_2020_DUBUFFET_Studies for a Spectacle 1973_v08-Medium Resolution — 150 dpi .jpg
Jean Dubuffet:
Studies for a Spectacle,

To coincide with a large solo exhibition of his work at the Guggenheim Museum in New York in 1973, Dubuffet performed Coucou Bazar, a one-hour experimental “spectacle” that animated his work with costumed actors. Pace exhibited a selection of costumes and props—largely made from resin or sheet metal—that Dubuffet created for the performance, as well as several related works on paper.

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Catalogues_2020_DUBUFFET_Towards an Alternative Reality_v03-Medium Resolution — 150 dpi .jpg
Jean Dubuffet: Towards an
Alternative Reality
, 1987

By Mildred Glimcher with Author's Forewarning by Jean Dubuffet

One of the definitive publications on Dubuffet, this comprehensive monograph includes 225 illustrations of sculptures, paintings, and drawings across the artist’s oeuvre. A substantial essay by Mildred Glimcher is accompanied by translations of several key texts by Dubuffet, which provide insight into his pioneering theories and varied modes of thinking.

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Catalogues_2020_DUBUFFET_Dubuffet and Basquiat-Personal Histories_v06-Medium Resolution — 150 dpi .jpg
Dubuffet and Basquiat:
Personal Histories
, 2006

By Lawrence Rinder

Artist Jean-Michel Basquiat developed an interest in Dubuffet’s work upon seeing his iconic Théâtres de mémoire series. In 2006 a two-artist exhibition at Pace juxtaposed Basquiat’s early work with Dubuffet’s late work to explore their shared mastery of anti-aesthetics and techniques of disorder. This catalogue includes an essay by Lawrence Rinder as well as reprints of essays by Brooks Adams and Thomas McEvilley.

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Catalogues_2020_DUBUFFET_Monumental Sculpture from the Hourloupe Cycle_v04-Medium Resolution — 150 dpi .jpg
Jean Dubuffet:
Monumental Sculpture from
the Hourloupe Cycle
, 2008

By Sophie Webel and Daniel Abadie

Throughout his Hourloupe period, which spanned from 1962 to 1974, Dubuffet made painted sculptures with the goal of drawing the viewer into a pure mental projection. In 2008 Pace staged an exhibition of Hourloupe sculptures, including Dubuffet’s ambitious architectural project Welcome Parade, realized for the first time. This catalogue includes the artist’s preparatory sketches as well as essays by Daniel Abadie, who curated the 2001 Dubuffet retrospective at Centre Pompidou in Paris, and Sophie Webel, Director of the Fondation Dubuffet.

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Catalogues_2020_DUBUFFET_Les Theatres de Memoire_v01-Medium Resolution — 150 dpi  (1).jpg
Jean Dubuffet:
Theatres De Memoire,

By Kent Minturn, Arne Glimcher, and Jean Dubuffet

Pace’s 2017 exhibition of the Théâtres de mémoire cycle marked the first time that a show dedicated to this body of work had taken place in London. Exploring concepts introduced by Frances Yates’s book The Art of Memory, the late series features some of Dubuffet’s largest paintings, made from affixing numerous small paintings onto canvas. The catalogue includes an introduction by Arne Glimcher and an essay by Kent Minturn.

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Catalogues_2020_DUBUFFET_Les Theatres de Memoire 2018_v08-Medium Resolution — 150 dpi  (1).jpg
Jean Dubuffet:
Theatres de Memoire
, 2018

By Arne Glimcher and Kent Minturn

Dubuffet’s Théâtres de mémoire series explores the complexities of memory through large-scale collaged paintings. Following the critical success of the 2017 showing of the series in London, Pace staged an exhibition of the cycle at the gallery’s New York location in 2018. This full-color catalogue includes an introduction by Arne Glimcher, who curated the show, and an essay by Kent Minturn, as well as a fold-out of Dubuffet’s iconic Localisation (1975).

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