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Portrait of Marina Perez Simão, Photography: Bruno Leão


Pace Welcomes Marina Perez Simão

Jan 14, 2021

We are pleased to announce our representation of São Paulo-based artist Marina Perez Simão ahead of the artist’s inaugural solo exhibition at our gallery in New York this spring. At the cusp of abstraction and figuration, Simão’s oil paintings present fluid forms in subtle chromatic harmonies that conjure the transformational qualities of luminous, open vistas without ever depicting any specific place in explicit detail. Inspired by the natural landscape of her native Brazil, Simão’s paintings lead us into territories in which we are confronted with that which is ungraspable, with that elusive and unspeakable instant that poets strive so hard to capture with words.

Simão aligns with our long history of working with artists at the forefront of abstraction such as Sam Gilliam and Mark Rothko, as well as our expanding contemporary program which brings together artists pushing the boundaries of painting including Torkwase Dyson, Robert Nava, and Beatriz Milhazes, who recently joined our roster.

We will co-represent Simão with Mendes Wood DM, the artist’s gallery in Brazil, and will focus on building the artist’s international profile across our locations in North America, the UK, and Asia. Our initial collaboration with the artist and Mendes Wood DM began in summer 2020 when we (opens in a new window) presented Simão’s paintings alongside works by Sonia Gomes, another recent addition to our program, at our (opens in a new window) East Hampton location.

Marc Glimcher, President & CEO, Pace Gallery, shares: “It’s incredibly exciting for us to be working with an artist who is on the rise of international recognition. Using an abstract vocabulary, Marina’s luminous, imaginary landscapes draw from both the traditions of contemporary Brazilian painting and American modernism. In collaboration with Mendes Wood DM, we look forward to sharing her unique vision with a wider audience and to supporting her growth as one of the foremost painters of the next generation of abstraction.”


Marina Perez Simão, Untitled, 2020, oil on canvas, 26" × 37-1/4" (66 cm × 94.5 cm) © Marina Perez Simão

Simão’s painting practice untangles emotions and thoughts that get caught in the tongue-tied inexplicability of our times. When seen as a group, her works can formally rhyme and thereby imitate loose storylines—an indirect consequence of the artist’s approach to working on multiple canvases at once. Simão explains: “I feel that there is a sort of narrative in my paintings. Passing from one element to the next is very important to me, the fluidity and ambivalence.” In this way, Simão opens her work to the interpretational creativity of the viewer and thumbs the gap between representation and language, the lived and the said, the palpable and invisible.


Marina Perez Simão, Untitled, 2020, oil on canvas, 19-3/4" × 15-3/4" (50 cm × 40 cm) © Marina Perez Simão

With the artist’s new suite of ten paintings, which will be unveiled at our New York space this spring season, Simão unleashes gravity’s reductive grip on the viewer’s imagination. Pulsing with a magnetic, musical, and hypnotic presence, the works draw the audience further into the powerful potentiality of her abstracted landscapes, opening up infinite paths to get lost in. As the artist states about her painting practice: “I try to play around and subvert the elements of the landscape, maybe as an attempt to go somewhere that I’ve never been before, but at the same time that is familiar. I try to imagine a topography that is vulnerable, but that creates some sort of dance for the eye. The discernible elements of the landscape are less important to me than the feeling they provoke.”

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