Pace Welcomes Arlene Shechet

Pace Gallery is pleased to announce its representation of sculptor Arlene Shechet. Her first exhibition with Pace is currently anticipated for spring 2019 in Chelsea.

“Arlene Shechet’s work challenges the ways we understand and interact with the historical and contemporary practice of sculpture,” said Marc Glimcher, Pace Gallery President and CEO. “Shechet is the first artist to come to Pace with a passion for ceramics. While this in no way defines her practice entirely, her work in that medium conditions much that she creates. She has mastered an approach to clay and glaze that links the interior spaces innate to physical objects with those of the body and the psyche. This exploration of interiority unites her work across media and evolves from an interest in how an artwork can communicate the raw vigor and intensity of aliveness.” 

Arlene Shechet is a multidisciplinary sculptor living and working in New York City and the Hudson Valley. Corporeal yet transcendent, her sculptural practice explores the friction when categories start to slip, giving way to subliminal play. Shechet is known as a brilliant ceramicist and widely acknowledged for bringing the medium to the forefront of the art world, but ceramics form one part of a much larger practice that also deploys wood, metal, and concrete and a deft use of color. In abstract forms that often reference the human body, she creates works with an uncanny combination of elegance and expressiveness, sometimes containing extremes of balance and instability in a single piece, folding together, stacking, inlaying, or interweaving disparate materials into cohesive, but heterogeneous, wholes. Her sculptures encourage circumambulation and seek to address both the power and vulnerability of what it is like to be embodied and alive. 

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  • News — Pace Welcomes Arlene Shechet, Mar 6, 2018