Pace Participating in 8-bridges

Launching Oct 1, 2020

We're pleased to announce our participation in (opens in a new window) 8-bridges, a new online initiative amongst eight Bay Area galleries to highlight exhibitions, artists, and galleries in the San Francisco Bay Area. 8-bridges will present monthly exhibitions by the participating galleries, including Altman Siegel, Fraenkel Gallery, Friends Indeed, Gagosian, Jessica Silverman, Pace, and Ratio 3. New exhibitions are presented on the first Thursday of every month, with a particular focus on artists and conversations relevant to the region. 8-bridges' mission is to maintain a vibrant gallery scene, despite restrictions on travel, celebrations and other larger gatherings, and to support artists by informing and entertaining curators, collectors and critics with potent online exhibitions of their work.

Pace's inaugural presentation on the site is dedicated to works by Leo Villareal, whose exhibition, Harmony of the Spheres, is on view at our gallery in Palo Alto through October 10. The concurrent online and physical presentations of Villareal's work in the Bay Area are a continuation of Villareal’s long-standing relationship with the region.

To learn more, visit the 8-bridges (opens in a new window) website.

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