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Noguchi's Playscapes at SFMOMA

Noguchi's Playscapes opens at SFMOMA on July 15, 2017. This exhibition explores Isamu Noguchi's ideas about the importance of public art as a means of encouraging social interaction and physical engagement with art. These concepts came together in the artist's work in the form of Playscapes, which he designed as playgrounds and stand-alone play structures. Through models, sketches, set designs, and archival images, visitors will be able to see Noguchi's vision for new experiences of art, education, and humanity through play.

Noguchi's Playscapes will be on view July 15 through November 26, 2017 at SFMOMA. For more information, visit their (opens in a new window) website

  • Museum Exhibitions — Noguchi's Playscapes at SFMOMA, Jul 13, 2017