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Installation view of Jeff Koons, Balloon Dog (Magenta), 1994-2000 and Hanging Heart (Red/Gold), 1994-2006 © Jeff Koons, Photo: Laurent Lecat, Courtesy Mucem

Museum Exhibitions

Jeff Koons Mucem

Works from the Pinault Collection

May 19 – Oct 18, 2021
Musée des Civilisations de l'Europe et de la Méditerranée, Marseille, France

The exhibition Jeff Koons Mucem: Works from the Pinault Collection, conceived in close collaboration with the artist, will bring to Marseille some of Koons's most celebrated works, exploring the relationship between his artworks and popular objects, photographs, and documents from the Mucem’s immense collection.

Composed of a loan of 19 works from the Pinault Collection, the show offers the opportunity to dive into the artist’s oeuvre, with seminal sculptures such as Balloon Dog (1994-2000) and Lobster (2007-2012), as well as paintings such as Backyard (2002) and Dutch Couple (2007).  From the early works of The New series to the iconic pieces of the Celebration series, to the most recent creations of the Gazing Ball and Antiquity series, the exhibition spans the artist’s career chronologically over the last 35 years, retracing recurring iconographies and themes, visual associations and modes of expression. 

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  • Museum Exhibitions — Mucem presents "Jeff Koons Mucem: Works from the Pinault Collection", May 20, 2021