Delve into Mika Tajima's scientific and philosophical practice with our new digital catalogue accompanying Energetics, the artist's first-ever solo exhibition at Pace's New York gallery. 

Tajima, Mika Negative Entropy (Deep Brain Stimulation, Yellow, Full Width, Exa), 2024

Mika Tajima, Negative Entropy (Deep Brain Stimulation, Yellow, Full Width, Exa) (detail), 2024 © Mika Tajima

Mika Tajima


The Energetics digital catalogue, available to read above, features a new essay by Dia Art Foundation Curator Matilde Guidelli-Guidi, who situates Tajima’s debut show at Pace within the larger continuum of her practice and career. The digital book’s detail images of Tajima’s large-scale Negative Entropy textile paintings—woven spectrograms forged from records of brain activity—showcase the textural and formal intricacies of these works, and installation views of the artworks in Energetics speak to the exhibition’s immersive dimension.
Mika Tajima Energetics

Installation view, Mika Tajima: Energetics, January 12 – February 24, 2024, Pace Gallery, New York © Mika Tajima

All the works in the exhibition are similarly culturally coded, attune the senses to invisible energies, and shift the measure of time and space from human to geological, even astral, scale.

—Matilde Guidelli-Guidi, author and curator

Mika Tajima Energetics

Mika Tajima, Pranayama (Monolith, L, Rose Quartz), 2022 © Mika Tajima

Mika Tajima Energetics

Mika Tajima, Pranayama (Monolith, R, Rose Quartz), 2024 © Mika Tajima

In her work across performance, sculpture, painting, and installation, Tajima takes up questions of identity and agency in a world increasingly influenced and mitigated by technology. In Energetics, her first presentation with Pace since she joined the gallery’s program in 2022, the artist exhibited sculptural, textile, and evolving sensorial works that invite questions of what it means to be an individual in the context of geologic and technological time and, in this contemporary moment, amid the inexorable rise of big data.
Mika Tajima Energetics

Mika Tajima, Sense Object, (January 1st, 2023, United States), 2024 © Mika Tajima

The historical correlation between modern weaving and computing is encoded in the Negative Entropy works, which also perform the processes of storage, retrieval, and transmission of information of the technologies that made them.

—Matilde Guidelli-Guidi

Mike Tajima - Naturans 00

Mika Tajima, Naturans, 2024 © Mika Tajima

Mika Tajima - Naturans 01
Mika Tajima Catalog Spread 06

Mika Tajima, Naturans, 2024 © Mika Tajima

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