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Mark Rothko

1968: Clearing Away

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Texts by Eleanor Nairne, Christopher Rothko
Design by Kellenberger-White
96 pages
12 ½ x 9 ¾”


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Mark Rothko


Mark Rothko
1968: Clearing Away
Oct 8 – Nov 13, 2021

Designed by graphic design studio Kellenberger–White, this book was published in concert with an exhibition of Mark Rothko’s rarely seen, intimately-sized paintings and works on paper at Pace’s new gallery in London’s Hanover Square.

The book hones in on a lesser-known aspect of Rothko’s practice and his late-career achievements. It includes high-quality images of works in the inaugural London show; an introduction by the artist’s son, Christopher Rothko; an essay by Barbican Art Gallery Curator Eleanor Nairne; and a chronology of major exhibitions, commissions, and other events in Rothko’s life and career in the 1960s. Text in the publication is rendered in a custom typeface developed by Kellenberger–White.

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If looking at a large Rothko is an intimate experience, what is our experience when looking at a small, or indeed very small, Rothko? How do we approach a work made on an intimate scale, when already forewarned that the interaction may not be as intimate as we imagined? Perhaps we need to take one step back and ask what information, and what import, scale itself conveys.

Christopher Rothko

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Paper has an inherently skin-like quality borne of its vulnerability; an artist is all too aware of the risk that it might tear or buckle or fox or mottle or simply fall apart.

Eleanor Nairne

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Mark Rothko

1968: Clearing Away

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