A Look Inside Loie Hollowell's Ridgewood Studio

Photography by Sarah Trigg

On the occasion of Plumb Line, Loie Hollowell's inaugural exhibition with Pace in New York, the artist's friend and photographer, Sarah Trigg, visited her studio in the Ridgewood neighborhood on the border of Queens and Brooklyn to capture Hollowell's last-minute preparations, process, and inspirations.

“I thumbtack my drawing on the wall next to the sculpted painting and start underpainting based on the colors in the drawing. Usually by the third layer of paint, I discover that the colors, the light, or the clarity of an edge needs to be altered to work better on the grander scale.”

Loie Hollowell

“I’m working with colors that respond to very specific personal experiences, but color is also culturally symbolic…For me, yellow and white are sources of light, describers of radiance and precision.”

Loie Hollowell

  • News — A Look Inside Loie Hollowell's Ridgewood Studio, Oct 10, 2019