Explore “STUFF” with Arlene Shechet

Published Monday, Aug 1, 2022

On view at our flagship New York gallery through August 19, STUFF: Organized by Arlene Shechet showcases Arlene Shechet's installation of varied works by more than 50 artists. A deeply personal expression of Shechet’s love of art, the exhibition forges a dynamic patchwork of exchanges and meanings among the artworks included. As part of the continuum of her practice, curation is one avenue through which Shechet invigorates her own work in the studio, and the installations she creates are as vital as their contents. In this film by Tasha Giliberti, Shechet speaks with Curatorial Director Oliver Shultz, detailing her improvisatory and intuitive approach to her curatorial work.

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