Explore “Calor Universal” With Curator Germano Dushá

Published Monday, Jul 25, 2022

Calor Universal, a recent group exhibition at our East Hampton gallery, brought together works by cross-generational artists within and beyond our program. The presentation, curated by Germano Dushá in collaboration with Mendes Woods and FDP, explored themes of transcendence and transmutation through artistic expression. Including both figurative and abstract works, the exhibition examined the concept of “calor,” understood as sublimation, as a vehicle for transforming material states.

Our new film features a conversation between Dushá and Kimberly Drew, associate director at Pace, taking place within the exhibition. Dushá and Drew discuss specific artworks as well as the conceptual underpinnings of the presentation, which featured work by Sonia Gomes, Lynda Benglis, Paulo Monteiro, Louise Nevelson, and others. As Dushá explains, the exhibition meditates on a “universal energy, a flux, that is manifested in a multitude of forms and possibilities.”

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