Calor Universal

Jul 2 – Jul 17, 2022
East Hampton
Exhibition Details:

Calor Universal
Jul 2 – 17, 2022


68 Park Place
East Hampton


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Above: Patricia Leite, Fogueira, 2018 © Patricia Leite

Calor Universal brings together a cross-generational group of artists from within and outside Pace’s program, including modernist masters and contemporary figures building new styles and visual vocabularies.

The exhibition, curated by Germano Dushá in collaboration with Mendes Woods and FDP, features a robust selection of works across different mediums and styles. Works in Calor Universal examine themes of transcendence and transmutation through artistic expression. Including both figurative and abstract works, the exhibition explores the concept of “calor,” understood as sublimation, as a vehicle for transforming material states. Together, the artworks speak to nature’s complex dynamics.

Figuring in the exhibition is Tarsila do Amaral’s Bicho Antropofágico I (1929), one of the artist’s earliest explorations of the Anthropophagic movement, which imagined a specifically Brazilian culture arising from the symbolic digestion—or artistic “cannibalism”—of outside influences. do Amaral’s figures, hybrid in nature, represent a metabolization of aesthetics. Other works in the exhibition, including Castiel Vitorino Brasileiro’s Take me, make me yours. I need you (2022), show the labyrinthian relationships between the Anthropophagic movement and groundbreaking ways that contemporary artists in Latin America are working to make visible mystic and intangible connections to the natural world.

As the exhibition’s title implies, the works in the presentation are united by a calor universal, an energy flux that percolates in the landscapes, bodies, subjectivities, archetypes, and symbols on view. Calor Universal represents a hot cosmogony, a metaphysics of matter in movement, and a topography of elements. The works on view present a constellation of ideas that defy rigid categorization or definition. Instead, the exhibition points to a vigorous manifestation of the spirit—a language of unnamable forms that become guideposts for artists and viewers alike.


Exhibition Film


Explore Calor Universal With Curator Germano Dushá

Our new film features a conversation between Dushá and Kimberly Drew, associate director at Pace, taking place within the exhibition. Dushá and Drew discuss specific artworks as well as the conceptual underpinnings of the presentation.


Featured Works

Amadeo Luciano Lorenzato, Untitled, 1975, oil on eucatex, 14" × 12-5/8" (35.6 cm × 32 cm)
Sonia Gomes, Afrânio, 2014, stitching, moorings and different fabrics and laces on wire and steel, 61 cm × 72 cm × 38 cm (24" × 28-3/8" × 14-15/16")
Paulo Monteiro, Untitled / Sem título, 2020, oil on bronze, 45 cm × 6 cm × 6 cm (17-11/16" × 2-3/8" × 2-3/8")
Marina Perez Simão, Untitled, 2022, oil on canvas, 66-15/16" × 53-1/2" (170 cm × 135.9 cm)
José Adário dos Santos, Ferramenta de Exu arranca toco, n.d., ferro, solda e verniz [Iron, welding and varnish], 17-3/8" × 10-1/2" × 4-1/2" (44.1 cm × 26.7 cm × 11.4 cm)
Bárbara Sánchez-Kane, The threesome handbook for the after life, 2021, oil stick on canvas, 63" × 35-9/16" (160 cm × 90.3 cm) framed, 66-5/16" × 38-7/8" × 1-13/16" (168.4 cm × 98.7 cm × 4.6 cm)
Patricia Leite, Fogueira, 2018, oil on wood, 140 cm × 160 cm (55-1/8" × 63")
Lynda Benglis, Terrebonne, 2013, glazed ceramic, 12" × 13" × 11-1/2" (30.5 cm × 33 cm × 29.2 cm)

Installation Views