Adam Pendleton in his studio © Photo by Heather Sten, Courtesy The New York Times

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A Young Artist and Disrupter Plants His Flag for Black Lives

Featured in The New York Times

by Robin Pogrebin

Adam Pendleton is profiled by Robin Pogrebin in New York Times, discussing his supportive upbringing, his literary and cultural influences, as well as the importance of language to his artistic practice. Pendleton explains, "Language shapes our experience or it gives shape to the things we experience. It compels me, it pushes me forward." 

Pendleton further connects the language around the Black Lives Matter movement with his current project, Black Dada Flag (Black Lives Matter), a flag installed on Randall's Island as part of Frieze, on view through November 1, 2018. Curator Adrienne Edwards notes the project "is about, what is this island that is used for entertainment events, yet sits between these two communities that are beacons of survival? Some of the most difficult moments in New York City history have happened in these communities."

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  • Artist Projects — Adam Pendleton's "Black Dada Flag" in The New York Times, May 7, 2018