A.A. Murakami, New Spring, 2017, Milan, Aluminium scaffolding, robotics, mist, bubbles © A.A. Murakami

A.A. Murakami


Courtesy Emiliano Granado


Founded 2011
Azusa Murakami and Alexander Groves

A.A.Murakami is a Tokyo / London based Artist duo. Their unique sensory installations are an ongoing series of works, which follows the tradition of artists emulating nature.

In the same way ancient civilisations made structures to chart the passage of the sun or early cave paintings to depict the natural world, A.A.Murakami pursues an innate human desire to use art to connect with and revere the natural systems on which our existence depends. They pioneer in ‘Ephemeral Tech’ which explores this intrinsic driver of creation using technology to evoke both primordial origins and future worlds.

Notable projects include Infinity Blue (2018), a monumental breathing sculpture that pays homage to one of the world’s smallest but most important organisms, cyanobacteria, a permanent installation at the Eden Project in Cornwall; and New Spring (2017), a tree-like structure that emits scented mist bubbles. The artists’ work is included in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art, New York; the Centre Pompidou, Paris and M+, Hong Kong.

Petr Krejci Photography_Infinity Blue_12058.png

A.A. Murakami, Infinity Blue, 2018, Permanent installation at Eden Project, Cornwall, Ceramics, Steel, Robotics, Fog, scent © A.A. Murakami


A.A. Murakami, Dawn Particles 4, 2019, MDF base board, 3 Krypton light tubes, hardware, 40-3/16" × 35-1/2" × 7" (102.1 cm × 90.2 cm × 17.8 cm) © A.A. Murakami


A.A. Murakami, Hair Highway, 2014, Shanghai, Bio resin, human hair, brass © A.A. Murakami


A.A. Murakami, Hair Highway, 2014, Shanghai, Bio resin, human hair, brass © A.A. Murakami