Richard Tuttle


May 6 – Jun 11, 2022
New York
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Richard Tuttle
May 6 – Jun 11, 2022


540 West 25th Street
New York


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Above: Installation view, Richard Tuttle: Particles, May 6 – Jun 11, 2022, Pace Gallery, New York © Richard Tuttle

Pace is pleased to present an exhibition of new sculptures by Richard Tuttle, featuring wood and cast bronze works that reflect the artist’s longstanding engagement with material as a method for construction.

Each work takes its title from a grammatical particle—a word whose meaning is mutable and derived from context. The open and closed structures represent both the form of the particle and interest in the language that underlies it.

Particles is Tuttle's twelfth solo show with Pace since 2007. Intimate, idiosyncratic, and diverse, his practice consistently incorporates a developmental approach that grows in range and inquiry with each work. The artist is happiest in a quandary, when the work is neither painting nor sculpture, but an amalgam of the two mediums. His work is always marked by unconventional uses of beauty and poetry and their radical means as materials. Over six decades, Tuttle has considered the myriad ways in which light, scale, and systems of display flow into the world and make it better.

The exhibition will comprise ten works, all of which will be seen in their original size based on a three-inch cube. The maquettes in the exhibition are set on a foundation and shown at table height. A larger size without a foundation in wood was derived from these so that three inches equals 24 inches. Six of these will be shown in wood. The remaining four will be shown in cast bronze.

To make the sculptures independent of architecture, the gallery space will be painted two shades of green, offering a passage for the viewer to experience the creation of space rather than its use.

The four bronze sculptures are the largest works of this kind made by the artist to date. In creating these works, Tuttle collaborated with UAP foundry, using sandcasting and leaving their surfaces unpatinated. The result is an openness of the surface, which breathes and releases a structure neither geometric nor figurative.

Tuttle has written a poem for these works:

is work
a particle love How

do we know this if ev
is dark?

Pace will present an online exhibition focused on the artist’s notebooks to complement the show in New York.

Tuttle's exhibition at Pace will be on view concurrently with Richard Tuttle: What Is the Object?, a show at the Bard Graduate Center in New York running until July 10. Featuring exhibition furniture made specially for the presentation, Tuttle's show at Bard includes 70 objects from his personal collection, highlighting the connections between his art and practice of collecting. An accompanying catalogue includes a long fictional piece by Tuttle, titled Tennessee Seed Pearl, and other writing.


Featured Works

Richard Tuttle, Particle 1, Under, 3" = 24", 2021, plywood, 81-1/2" × 24-1/4" × 98" (207 cm × 61.6 cm × 248.9 cm)
Richard Tuttle, Particle 7, By, 3" = 24", 2021, plywood, 66-1/2" × 64-1/2" × 50" (168.9 cm × 163.8 cm × 127 cm)
Richard Tuttle, Particle 6, Out 3" = 24", 2022, bronze, 95" × 18" × 81" (241.3 cm × 45.7 cm × 205.7 cm)
Richard Tuttle, Particle 5, Off, 3" = 24", 2022, bronze, 78" × 27-1/2" × 118" (198.1 cm × 69.9 cm × 299.7 cm)

Installation Views

TUTTLE_Portrait_2019_01-High+Resolution+—+300+dpi+ (1).jpg

About the Artist

Richard Tuttle‘s direct and seemingly simple deployment of objects and gestures reflects a careful attention to materials and experience. Rejecting the rationality and precision of Minimalism, Tuttle embraced a handmade quality in his invention of forms that emphasize line, shape, color, and space as central concerns.

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