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Text by Alexander S. C. Rower, Richard Tuttle
Design by Lorraine Wild and Naveen Hattis of Green Dragon Office, with Richard Tuttle
264 pages
10 ¼ × 8 in


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Jan 21 – Feb 25, 2023

Co-published with David Kordansky Gallery, Calder/Tuttle:Tentative unites the distinct artistic vocabularies of Richard Tuttle and Alexander Calder in a singular volume, offering a fresh perspective on the legacy of modernist abstraction.

Richard Tuttle has long been interested in questions of perception surrounding line and scale, which he explores in his compositions and constructions using non-traditional mediums, materials, and methods. In Calder/Tuttle:Tentative, the artist looks to the oeuvre of the great Alexander Calder for inspiration and creative dialogue.

This book includes a series of Tuttle’s drawings, titled Calder Corrected, and sculptures, titled Black Light, exhibited at David Kordansky Gallery in response to a range of works by Calder that Tuttle selected and installed at Pace Gallery in Los Angeles. The endpapers unfold to reveal a poster-sized collection of images taken by Tuttle. With new text and a poem by Tuttle and a poem by Alexander S. C. Rower, President of the Calder Foundation, Calder/Tuttle:Tentative presents Tuttle’s unique take on a familiar favorite.

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The world is not ready to accept all of an artist’s ideas at the beginning, although the art world may. To me, the world has been waiting, and the time has come to really see Calder’s work for the first time.

Richard Tuttle

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Calder’s mobiles cut into space, perpetually creating the actual. But can we see the actual? Or pretend we see it? What can we bring to pretending that hasn’t been seen, done, or made in the authentic by Calder?

Richard Tuttle

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