Richard Tuttle & Choong Sup Lim

How Objects Grasp Their Magic

Feb 11 – Mar 12, 2022
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Richard Tuttle
Choong Sup Lim
How Objects Grasp Their Magic
Feb 11 – Mar 12, 2022


2/3F, 267 Itaewon-ro


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Above: Choong Sup Lim, Untitled-Vegetarian II, 2012 © Choong Sup Lim (left); Richard Tuttle, New York, New Mexico, 1998 © Richard Tuttle (right)

This two-person exhibition of work by Richard Tuttle and Choong Sup Lim will explore the ways that both artists have challenged conventions and expanded the possibilities of art-making through decades of rigorous experimentation in drawing, painting, sculpture, and installation.

Born the same year, Tuttle and Lim are known for developing deeply poetic bodies of work in a wide variety of mediums over the course of their long careers, which both acknowledge and depart from the criteria of Conceptualism, Minimalism, and post-minimal art. Pace’s exhibition examines the affinities, dialogues, and divergences that cut across their respective practices.

Defying easy categorization, Tuttle’s sculptures and works on paper investigate both the tactile and formal possibilities of his materials, eschewing the constraints and conventions of art history while blurring the lines between painting, sculpture, and installation. Tuttle’s works speak in a language of idiosyncrasy and nuance, conjuring a vast range of imagery and emotion, yet resisting narrative and explanation. His objects offer maps for thought, acting as portals through which viewers are invited to expand the threshold of their own sensory experience.

Lim, on the other hand, foregrounds personal narratives, memories, and sentiments in his objects. For Lim, seemingly abstract objects and forms can possess the power to contain personal and collective histories. The artist, who considers himself a storyteller and a poet, draws on the personal resonances of specific materials to meticulously and contemplatively imbue his multifarious objects with the texture and density of memory. His works are often informed by natural and urban settings, including his hometown of Jincheon, Korea and New York City, where he has lived and worked since 1973.

On the occasion of Pace’s exhibition and in homage to Lim, Tuttle has penned the poem “Placid Reminder”:

His dedication
sharing, hard work
combine in spirit
and mind generosity

How Objects Grasp Their Magic will feature some 20 sculptures, paintings, and works on paper created by Tuttle between 1991 and 2019, including a suite of recent works in painted plywood, which take their titles from the constellations, the Greek muses, and the days of the week. Lim will show works made from 1989 to 2021, including his Fossilscape series, shaped canvas paintings, kinetic installations, and drawings.


About the Artists

Richard Tuttle has revolutionized the landscape of contemporary art, challenging rules and notions of genre and media. Using humble materials, he explores line, shape, color, and space in his practice. His work exceeds rational determinations, sensitizing viewers to perception and the unconscious while engaging aspects of painting, drawing, sculpture, bookmaking, printmaking, and installation.

Choong Sup Lim situates his prolific practice in between nature and civilization, engaging with the rural environment in which he grew up and the city in which he currently resides. Memories of his hometown in Korea and novel encounters in New York have inspired him to cultivate his distinct visual language and multidisciplinary approach to drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, installation, and video.