Nina Katchadourian


Sep 15 – Sep 25, 2022
East Hampton
Exhibition Details:

Nina Katchadourian
Sep 15 – 25, 2022


68 Park Place
East Hampton


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Above: Nina Katchadourian, Plant #40, 2021 © Nina Katchadourian

Pace is pleased to present Nursery, an exhibition of sculptures and photographs by Nina Katchadourian. This presentation marks the final show of the gallery’s third summer season in East Hampton.

The exhibition will focus on Katchadourian’s long-standing investigations of human relationships to the so-called “natural world,” which have sometimes involved interventions that she terms “uninvited collaborations with nature.” Nursery features recent sculptures from the artist’s Fake Plants project, which she began at the onset of the pandemic. In these works, Katchadourian transforms cast-off materials from her home, studio, and a nearby construction site into multifarious plant forms. Using materials such as discarded cardboard boxes, paper packaging from food products, disposable medical masks, cardboard toilet paper tubes, ping pong balls, sewing pins, Styrofoam, and toothpicks, Katchadourian creates peculiar, refined plant forms that seem to belong to unexplored or imagined landscapes.

Katchadourian’s Artificial Insemination photographs will also be showcased in the East Hampton exhibition. In Katchadourian’s Artificial Insemination works, an iconic scientific image—the moment when a sperm fertilizes an egg—is deliberately misinterpreted and restaged: Katchadourian reimagines the scene using tadpoles fished out of a pond and a chicken’s egg placed in water on a dinner plate.

Many of Katchadourian’s explorations of natural phenomena begin on Pörtö, a small island group in the southern Finnish archipelago, where she grew up spending summers with her family and still visits for extended periods each year. With Renovated Mushroom (1998), the artist used a bicycle tire patching kit from her grandfather’s tool shed on Pörtö to mend tears on the caps of mushrooms. Katchadourian’s c-print resulting from this experiment depicts a cluster of mushrooms with colorful, circular patches on their caps, humorously combining the natural and the artificial.


Featured Works

Nina Katchadourian, Plant #45, 2022, soap dish, pumice stone, paper-covered florist's wire, badminton birdy, pompoms
Nina Katchadourian, Plant #36, 2021, Glass vase, cardboard toilet paper tubes, kitchen wipes, foam, plastic netting, golf ball, wooden forks, 18-7/8" × 5-1/8" × 5-1/8" (48 cm × 13 cm × 13 cm)
Nina Katchadourian, Plant #40, 2021, cardboard, clay pebbles, cardboard shipping tubes, cardboard toilet paper tubes, crepe paper, ping pong balls, glass-head pins, 60-5/8" × 39-3/8" × 31-1/2" (154 cm × 100 cm × 80 cm)
Nina Katchadourian, Plant #32, 2021, glass vase, paper-covered wire, gouache, product packaging, 14-9/16" × 16-15/16" × 3-15/16" (37 cm × 43 cm × 10 cm)
Nina Katchadourian, Plant 42, 2021, ceramic bowl, steel wool, paper-covered florist's wire, ink, polystyrene beads, 18" × 12" × 12" (45.7 cm × 30.5 cm × 30.5 cm)
Nina Katchadourian, Artificial Insemination II, 1998, C-Print, framed, 22-3/8" × 22-3/4" × 2-1/4"
Nina Katchadourian, Artificial Insemination III, 1998, C-Print, 22-3/8" × 22-3/4" × 2-1/4" (56.8 cm × 57.8 cm × 5.7 cm), framed
Nina Katchadourian, Renovated Mushroom, 1998, C-Print, 30-1/4" × 42-1/2" × 1" (76.8 cm × 108 cm × 2.5 cm), framed
Katchadourian head shot May 2019.JPG

About the Artist

Nina Katchadourian is an interdisciplinary artist whose work includes video, performance, sound, sculpture, photography, and public projects.
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