Pace Live

On Humor & Other Strategies for Survival

A Panel Discussion with Reggie Watts, Nina Katchadourian, and Glenda R. Carpio

Recorded on May 20, 2021

Presented on the occasion of Cumulus in New York, this online panel brought together Nina Katchadourian, musician and comedian Reggie Watts, and professor and writer Glenda R. Carpio to discuss the nature and reach of laughter.

Through a shared interest in the fluid and mercurial aspects of the accented voice, to their various ways of thinking about characters and stereotypes, both Watts and Katchadourian call attention to the contradictions and constructions of identity through their work. As Carpio says about these kinds of contradictions, “without a sense of humor, they might just drive one crazy.” In short, those who laugh, last!

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  • Pace Live — On Humor & Other Strategies for Survival, Jun 1, 2021