Pragim by Michal Rovner

Michal Rovner


Mar 8 – Apr 18, 2024
New York
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Michal Rovner
Mar 8 – Apr 18, 2024


540 West 25th Street
New York


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Above: Michal Rovner, Pragim-2 (detail), 2024 © Michal Rovner / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York.

Pace is pleased to present an exhibition of works by Michal Rovner at its 540 West 25th Street gallery in New York.

On view from March 8 to April 18, the show, titled Pragim—the Hebrew word for Poppies—will feature prints, video works, and installations from a series the artist started in 2019. Over the last five years, as part of this long-term project, Rovner has filmed and drawn wild poppies that grow in her field in Israel.

For more than 30 years, Rovner’s practice has centered on universal questions of the human condition—bringing issues of identity, place, and dislocation to the fore. The poppy—which carries different associations and meanings around the world—embodies both fragility and fortitude, as well as memorial and loss. The ongoing war has impacted the artist’s perspective on her Pragim works, as they now also powerfully reflect the state of unrest and anguish afflicting the region. Using a dark palette of black, gray, and red, the artist imbues her human-scale staccato swaying poppies with harsh and tragic qualities.

Working across drawing, printmaking, video, sculpture, and installation, the artist often obscures identifying details and specifics of time and place in her layered compositions, creating abstract yet resonant reflections of reality and the human experience. One of her most famous projects is Makom (Place), a series of monumental cubic structures composed of stones of dismantled or destroyed Israeli and Palestinian homes from Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Haifa, the Galilee, and the border between Israel and Syria. The Makom series echoes conflicts in the past and present. Working with Israeli and Palestinian masons, Rovner addresses the possibility of creating together, in a shared experience of reconstructing and rebuilding.

Michal Rovner, White Winds, 2024, LCD screen, 74-13/16" × 42-1/2" × 5-3/8" (190 cm × 108 cm × 13.7 cm)
Michal Rovner, Red Light, 2024, LCD screen, 74-13/16" × 42-1/2" × 5-3/8" (190 cm × 108 cm × 13.7 cm)
Michal Rovner, Pragim-4, 2024, archival pigment print, 80-1/4" × 50" × 2" (203.8 cm × 127 cm × 5.1 cm), framed
Michal Rovner, Pragim-14, 2024, archival pigment print, 49" × 30-1/2" × 2" (124.5 cm × 77.5 cm × 5.1 cm), framed
Michal Rovner

About the Artist

Michal Rovner (b. 1957, Tel Aviv, Israel) works with drawing, printmaking, video, sculpture, and installation to reflect on the continuum of human experience. Her work shifts constantly between the poetic and the political, using imagery that invokes the fragility of existence, identity, dislocation, and time.

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