Joel Shapiro

Jul 21 – Jul 31, 2022
East Hampton
Exhibition Details:

Joel Shapiro
Jul 21 – 31, 2022


68 Park Place
East Hampton


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Above: Joel Shapiro, untitled, 2019-2022 © 2022 Joel Shapiro / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

Pace is pleased to present an exhibition of wall-mounted, free-standing, and suspended sculptures by Joel Shapiro.

Foregrounding the artist’s ongoing exploration of the relationships between color, form, scale, and material, the show will be on view from July 21 to 31. 

The recent works in wood and one in bronze constituting the artist’s upcoming East Hampton presentation expand upon his longstanding experimentation with his chosen materials and continue his preoccupation with sculpture’s capacity to alter one’s sense of space and scale. The way Shapiro’s works engage architecture and landscape has always been of great interest to the artist, and the group of sculptures included in his forthcoming exhibition exemplify his ability to activate the entirety of a gallery and make the viewer aware of their own physicality. Whether suspended from the ceiling, projecting from the wall, or rising from the floor, these works, whose precarious joins underscore their own fragility and lightness, present gravity as an essential aspect of sculpture. Painted in tones that range from subtle to somber to brilliant—and imbued with a sense of spontaneity essential to their construction—these sculptures reflect color’s important role in Shapiro’s esteemed career and his ceaseless engagement with the possibilities of sculptural form.


Featured Works

Joel Shapiro, untitled, 2019-2021, bronze, 31-13/16" × 27-1/4" × 21-3/4" (80.8 cm × 69.2 cm × 55.2 cm)
Joel Shapiro, untitled, 2020-2022, wood and casein, 34" × 30-1/4" × 26-5/16" (86.4 cm × 76.8 cm × 66.9 cm)
Joel Shapiro, untitled, (2003) 2020, wood and casein, 59-1/4" × 56-5/16" × 40-3/4" (150.5 cm × 143.1 cm × 103.5 cm)
Joel Shapiro, untitled, 2019-2022, wood and casein, 25" × 53-1/4" × 16-1/4" (63.5 cm × 135.3 cm × 41.3 cm)
Joel Shapiro, untitled, 2020-2022, wood and casein, 72-3/4" × 30-1/2" × 35-1/2" (184.8 cm × 77.5 cm × 90.2 cm)
Joel Shapiro, untitled, 2021, wood and oil paint, 48-1/8" × 54-5/8" × 37-1/4" (122.2 cm × 138.7 cm × 94.6 cm)

Installation Views


About the Artist

Joel Shapiro creates abstract geometric sculpture that elicits a sense of movement and engages viewers’ physical and psychological relationships with space. In his recent investigations of the expressive possibility of form and color in space, the artist suspends painted wooden elements from the ceiling, wall, and floor, exploring the projection of thought into space without the constraint of architecture.

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