Mark Rothko, Untitled, 1968. Artwork on paper by Mark Rothko Copyright © 2020 by Kate Rothko Prizel and Christopher Rothko

Pace Live

Mark Rothko Sound Bath Meditation

On the occasion of Mark Rothko 1968: Clearing Away the inaugural exhibition at Pace's new London gallery, Leo Cosendai will lead a sound immersion fueled by the rarely seen paintings on paper from the final years of Mark Rothko’s life.

In Leo Cosendai's words, "The expansive multi-sensorial stimulation will support the audience in experiencing the vulnerability evoked by the skin-like quality of the paper and the emotionally filled colors used by the artist. This will be an opportunity to give a new meaning to ‘being inside his work’ as you close your eyes and lose any reference to the external world—absorbing and reflecting simultaneously."

Event Details

Mark Rothko Sound Bath Meditation
Friday, Oct 15, 2021
9 AM

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5 Hanover Square

  • Pace Live — Mark Rothko Sound Bath Meditation, Oct 15, 2021