Public Programming for Arlene Shechet's "Full Steam Ahead" at Madison Square Park

On the occasion of her first major public art installation at Madison Square Park in New York, Arlene Shechet has organized a number of public programs surrounding the exhibition. Find out more about the diverse range of engagements at the links below.

(opens in a new window) Dianne Wiest Happy Days Samuel Beckett
A collaboration between Arlene Shechet and Dianne Wiest
Monday – Friday, October 22 – October 26, 2018
12 PM – 1 PM 

In a sculptural costume designed by artist Arlene Shechet, two-time Academy Award Winner Dianne Wiest will perform pieces from Samuel Beckett’s Happy Days. Taking place within Shechet’s installation, Full Steam Ahead, the performance will allow passersby to come and go as it unfolds, to return for repeats over the course of the week, and to experience fragments as they move through the installation.

(opens in a new window) David Salle Speaks on the Work
Thursday, December 13
6 PM – 7 PM 

(opens in a new window) Andrianna Campbell Speaks on the Work
Thursday, November 1
6 PM – 7 PM 
Join in lively discussions with artists and thinkers about Full Steam Ahead and public art.

(opens in a new window) Kenneth Goldsmith (aka UbuWeb) in conversation with:
Arlene Shechet, November 2
Andrei Codrescu, November 6
Rhonda Lieberman, November 13
David Wondrich, November 20 
Virginia Heffernan, November 27
UbuWeb, December 4
12 PM – 1 PM

Poet Kenneth Goldsmith will share his insights and inspiration.

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