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Installation view, Fred Wilson: Afro Kismet, Jul 10 – Aug 17, 2018, Pace Gallery, New York © Fred Wilson

Who We Are

Pace is a leading contemporary art gallery representing many of the most significant international artists and estates of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

Under the leadership of President and CEO Marc Glimcher, Pace is a vital force within the art world and plays a critical role in shaping the history, creation, and engagement with modern and contemporary art. Since its founding by Arne Glimcher in 1960, Pace has developed a distinguished legacy for vibrant and dedicated relationships with renowned artists. As the gallery approaches the start of its seventh decade, Pace’s mission continues to be inspired by our drive to support the world’s most influential and innovative artists and to share their visionary work with people around the world.

Pace advances this mission through its dynamic global program, comprising ambitious exhibitions, artist projects, public installations, institutional collaborations, and curatorial research and writing. Today, Pace has seven locations worldwide: two galleries in New York—including its newly opened headquarters at 540 West 25th Street, and an adjacent 8,000 sq. ft exhibition space at 510 West 25th Street—as well as galleries in Palo Alto, London, Geneva, Hong Kong, and Seoul.

Sales, USA

New York
Marc Glimcher

Danielle Forest
Assistant to Marc Glimcher
Zinta Schnore
Assistant to Marc Glimcher

Arne Glimcher

Talia Rosen
Assistant to Arne Glimcher
Kathleen McDonnell
Assistant to Arne Glimcher

Susan Dunne

Emelia Scheidt
Assistant to Susan Dunne
Lisette Tucker
Assistant to Susan Dunne

Peter Boris

Executive Vice President

Joe Baptista

Vice President
Hansi Liao
Assistant to Joe Baptista
Rose Broner
Assistant to Joe Baptista

Kristin Bisagna

Client Strategy Director

New York
Douglas Baxter

Alexander Brown
Associate Director
Office of Douglas Baxter

Joseph Leon
Assistant to Douglas Baxter

Adam Sheffer

Vice President
Margery Reich
Assistant to Adam Sheffer
Leah Glimcher
Assistant to Adam Sheffer

Samanthe Rubell

Senior Director
Courtney McGrail
Assistant to Samanthe Rubell

Ben Strauss-Malcolm

Senior Director
Hannah Root
Assistant to Ben Strauss-Malcolm

Simon Preston

Senior Director

Sabrina Hahn

Office of Marc Glimcher

Palo Alto
Elizabeth Sullivan


Courtney Kass


Sales, Europe

Elliot McDonald

Senior Director
Georgina Rees
Assistant to Elliot McDonald

Alexandra Leive

Associate Director

Geo Ermotti

Associate Director

Valentina Volchkova

Managing Director

Adeline Drechou

Gallery Manager

Sales, Asia

Hong Kong
Leng Lin

Partner & President
Chloe Shi
Assistant to Leng Lin

Sylvie Tiao

Senior Director

Emma Cheng Xue


Chris Mo





Andria Hickey

Senior Director & Curator

Mark Beasley

Curatorial Director, Pace Live

Oliver Shulz

Curatorial Director

Michaëla Mohrmann

Associate Curatorial Director

Jon Mason

Research & Archives Director

Tamara Corm

Senior Director


Chris Harnden

Chief Operating Officer

Aimée Drummey

Vice President

Ugo Di Donato

Operations Director

Laura Lewis

Finance Director

Meredith Stockman

People Operations Director

Darryl Baptiste

IT Director

Lydia Stewart

Operations Director

Sylvia Chen

Senior Operations Director


Alexander Gilkes

Strategic Advisor

Everett Laidlaw

Marketing Director

Guy Ben-Ari

Imaging Director

Gracia Ross

Events Manager

Nicolas Smirnoff

Marketing & Events Director, London

Joyce Lee

Senior Communications Executive

Gwen Gong

Senior Public Relations Executive

Art Resources

Emily Klug

Senior Director, Art Resources

Catherine Davis

Head of Collections

Humphrey Bilger

Head of Shipping

Reid Anderson

Art Resources Director

James Sadek

Senior Director, Art Fairs & Exhibitions

Doni Lucas

Art Resources Director

Kelly Reynolds

Head Registrar

Raina Mehler

Media Arts Director

Sebastian Humphreys

Art Resources & Exhibitions Director