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Online Exhibition

In Being Double

The Pace Staff Show

Aug 3 – Sep 9, 2023

In Being Double—an exhibition of artworks by Pace’s international staff members, curated by Tumelo Nwanma (Gallery Coordinator) and John Richey (Senior Registrar)—features paintings, sculptures, photographs, prints, drawings, and films that reflect the creativity and imagination of the gallery’s team across New York, Los Angeles, London, Geneva, and Hong Kong.

Organized by the Artist & Programming Engagement sub-committee of the gallery’s Culture & Equity team, this exhibition focuses on enactments of doubling in everyday, lived experiences as well as the ecosystems that govern the natural environment. In their curatorial statement for the show, Nwanma and Richey write that In Being Double presents an opportunity for Pace staff members “to submit artworks that illustrate and explore their internal and external ecosystems. To inhabit the alter of their lives, and to allow the humanity of their hidden selves to exist in physical space across mediums.”

This digital presentation of In Being Double complements the in-person exhibition, on view at Pace’s 540 West 25th Street gallery in New York through August 18, bringing together works that figure in the physical show alongside online-exclusive pieces.

As part of In Being Double, the show’s organizers have established a partnership with Glenn Quentin—an award-winning artist, founder of Higher Vibrations Collective, and collaborator at the Brooklyn-based nonprofit Recess Art—to devise a guided meditation for the exhibition. A prompt written by Quentin, which appears in this online iteration of In Being Double, encourages viewers to consider the interconnectivity between themselves and the artists who welcome us into their personal worlds through their work.

A curated reading list—produced by the gallery’s Research and Archives department in collaboration with the exhibition’s organizers—is also included within this online presentation.

In Being Double continues a tradition of Pace staff exhibitions that goes back some 25 years in the gallery’s history. Through these presentations, Pace showcases and celebrates the artistic talents and diverse perspectives of its team members around the globe.


(opens in a new window) Recess partners with artists to build a more just and equitable creative community. By welcoming radical thinkers to imagine and shape networks of resilience and safety, Recess defines and advances the possibilities of contemporary art.

For this year’s staff show, we’ve partnered with Glenn Quentin—an award-winning artist, founder of Higher Vibrations Collective, and collaborator at Recess—to devise a guided meditation to accompany the exhibition. As you engage the works in this show, we hope that Glenn’s prompt will encourage you to consider the interconnectivity between you and the artists who welcome you into the ecosystems of their personal worlds.

Human-ity Reflection

Take in this world of wonder around you. Take an opportunity to just notice. Notice what you can that lives internal and what lives external. Where do you stand?

Take a few breaths to SEE with your entire BEing what’s in front of you.

Placing one hand on your heart and the other hand on your belly. Let’s connect to our breath.

What do you SEE? What do you SEE? What do you SEE? What do you SEE? What do you SEE?

What do you FEEL? What do you FEEL? What do you FEEL? What do you FEEL? What do you FEEL?

What do you THINK? What do you THINK? What do you THINK? What do you THINK? What do you THINK?

Take a collective breath

Breathe in Breathe out

“An ecosystem is a geographic area where plants, animals, and other organisms coexist in a physical environment working together to form a bubble of life. This bubble encompasses an internal landscape where the vestiges of this external ecosystem are echoed by the mirror self.”

What Does It Mean To Co-Exist?

Take a moment and respond to this prompt In a way that feels most appropriate.

Journal - Move - Paint - Speak - Sing

We need each other in this web of life. Always in a state of co-creation. What will you create next?

All Artworks

Charis Ammon, Slice, 2023, oil on canvas, 6" × 8" (15.2 cm × 20.3 cm)

Charis Ammon

New York, NY

Charis Ammon was born in 1992 in Dallas, TX and currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. Ammon graduated from Texas State University with a BFA in Painting, and she completed her MFA in Painting at The University of Houston in May 2018. Ammon's solo exhibitions include Where Do You Go When You Are On Your Way with Alexander DiJulio in New York, NY (2023), Palm Trees and City Debris, Texas State University Gallery, San Marcos, TX (2022), Inheritance at The Old Jail Art Center, Albany, TX (2020), and Maintenance at Art League Houston (2019), as well as two solo exhibitions at Inman Gallery (2021, 2018). Her work was recently included in Springs Eternal at The Fireplace Project in East Hampton (2023), Urban Impressions: Experiencing the Global Contemporary Metropolis, Moody Center For the Arts, Rice University, Houston, TX (2022), The Big Show, Lawndale Art Center, Houston (2022) and in Shh at Alexander DiJulio in NYC (2023). An artist book is included in an upcoming survey of book arts at The Printing Museum, Houston.

(opens in a new window) www.charisammon.com
(opens in a new window) @charisammon1

Charis Ammon, Dappled, 2023, oil on canvas, 6" × 8" (15.2 cm × 20.3 cm)
Charis Ammon, New Bodega, 2023, oil on canvas, 6" × 8" (15.2 cm × 20.3 cm)
Tabitha Booth, Gaia's Guitar, 2023, mixed media on guitar, 39" × 13" × 1-3/4" (99.1 cm × 33 cm × 4.4 cm)

Tabitha Booth

New York, NY

Tabitha Booth, daughter of renowned tattoo artist, Paul Booth, paints, designs and fabricates set production as much as she sings with her bandmates in the Tristate area. She has travelled to many lands and many psyches only to find that music forever calls to her. Gaia’s Guitar took 30 pandemic hours to complete; and represents that going home to Pacha Mama, and unplugging, could be equivalent to painting an instrument and plugging it in… when you live in the city.

(opens in a new window) @tabithaboothofficial

Jonathan Vidal, Marmy Matheline, Scorched Time (Spinout), 2023, oil painted steel, tin cast, rubber, 11" × 4" × 2-5/16" (27.9 cm × 10.2 cm × 5.8 cm)

Jonathan Vidal

Geneva, Switzerland

Jonathan Vidal (b. 1990, Hyères, France), received his BA at ESADMM (Marseille) and MFA at HEAD (Geneva). In recent years, his practice has focused on the analysis and formal description of neoliberal doctrines and their underlying violence. In his work, the transition from theory to form often takes place through speculative narratives. He revisits fragments of these sources and reinterprets them in painting, drawing, and sculpture. Vidal's work tends towards the construction of a speculative logic that highlights and plays on the symbolic dysfunctions and beliefs attached to these value systems.

(opens in a new window) www.jonathanvidal.net
(opens in a new window) @lavidjohnson

Matheline Marmy

Geneva, Switzerland

Matheline Marmy (b. 1993, Geneva, Switzerland), received her BA at ECAL (Lausanne) and MFA at Piet Zwart Institute (Rotterdam). Her practice involves manipulable and reactive materials (metals, water, salts, acids, textiles) coupled with retaining components such as glass. Recent exhibitions featuring her work were held at Flux Laboratory (Geneva), Prospects (Art Rotterdam), The Lighthaus (Zurich), Centre d’Art Contemporain (Geneva), RIB (Rotterdam), Langmatt Museum (Baden), and Kunsthaus Langenthal for Kiefer Hablitzel Preis 2020.

(opens in a new window) www.mathelinemarmy.com
(opens in a new window) @formsactexcavations

Margarete Maneker, Hazeh/Haba, 2022, ceramic, dried herbs, ink on paper, and crystals, 10" × 8" × 2" (25.4 cm × 20.3 cm × 5.1 cm)

Margarete Maneker

New York, NY

Margarete Maneker (she/her) is a Jewish herbalist and poetess hailing from the suburbs of New York City (occupied Siwanoy land). Through her spiritual work with plant matter, she explores the potentialities of medicinal and energetic healing. Her work, Hazeh/Haba (2023) recalls the duality between this world (olam hazeh) and the world to come (olam haba) in Jewish eschatology through a portable ceramic altarpiece. Decorated with mugwort and rose, herbs of the heart and dreams, as well as a handwritten prayer, the altar serves as a physical presence of the liminal meeting point between what is and what may be. Margarete lives and works in Brooklyn, New York (Lenapehoking). Her writing has been included in the Lewis & Clark Literary Review and Frogwood Zine.


Jessica Lally, Untitled (Patrick Loves General Hospital), 1963-2023, print, 10" × 8" (25.4 cm × 20.3 cm)

Jessica Lally

New York, NY


Aishah Balogun

New York

Aishah Balogun is an interdisciplinary artist based in Brooklyn, New York. As an artist, Aishah is constantly interested in exploring questions of the self and personal and familial histories. Born to Nigerian parents in Atlanta, Georgia, she is fascinated by the diasporic identity—. Hhow she and others around the world navigate Blackness with our direct African lineage. Her work currently is currently focused on piecing together her family's history through oral storytelling, found photos, poetry, and video.

(opens in a new window) www.aishaholabisibalogun.com
(opens in a new window) @aishah.v

Cammy Nguyen

Aishah Balogun, Cammy Nguyen, Untitled, 2023, chromogenic print, 17" × 13" (43.2 cm × 33 cm)
Aishah Balogun, Cammy Nguyen, Untitled, 2023, chromogenic print, 17" × 13" (43.2 cm × 33 cm)
Dan Gratz, Crystal Voids (Violet), 2023, Two oil on canvas paintings, 12" × 12" (30.5 cm × 30.5 cm), each

Dan Gratz

b. Berkeley, CA California
Lives and works in New York, NY

Dan Gratz graduated from Indiana University with a BFA in painting in 2007 and the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana with an MFA in studio art in 2013. With a studio in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, Dan has exhibited extensively in New York and beyond. He has written for The Brooklyn Rail and curated several exhibitions, and he received a grant from the Pollock-Krasner Foundation in 2020. The geometric shapes and simple designs in his work are often influenced by his experiences with meditation, cold therapy, fasting, plant medicines, and other interventions. Dan’s paintings explore the idea of “directness,” which corresponds to his efforts to look within and celebrate the present moment.

Dan has been working as an art handler at Pace Gallery since 2018.

(opens in a new window) dangratz.com
(opens in a new window) @dangratz

Adriano Valeri, Notes from an orange sea, 2023, acrylic and collage on paper, 11" × 15" (27.9 cm × 38.1 cm)

Adriano Valeri

b. 1987, Milan, Italy
Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY

Adriano Valeri graduated from the State Academy of Fine Arts in Venice and is represented by Galleria Marcolini in Forli, Italy. Notable solo exhibitions include his Claudonia Rapida (2017) at Galleria Marcolini in Forli, Italy; Hurricane Season at mhPROJECTnyc in New York (2018); and Adriano Valeri (2019) at Altipiani in Bolzano, Italy. Valeri’s compositions and subjects reflect the globalized and rapidly homogenizing nature of the Earth’s surface, spaces that are difficult or undesirable to access, or which have ceased to be profitable for industrial or agricultural uses. Valeri addresses these unassigned areas as laboratories of biodiversity, even as they collect the effluvia of human action, the mass-produced materials, and infrastructure necessary to support us and enable our activities.

Adriano has worked at Pace as a preparator since November 2019.

(opens in a new window) www.adrianovaleri.com
(opens in a new window) @adrianomvaleri

Joyce Lee, Interstitial Day Dream l, 2023, acrylic on canvas, 40 cm × 60 cm (15-3/4" × 23-5/8")

Joyce Lee

b. Long Island, NY Lives and works in Hong Kong

Joyce Lee was born in Long Island, New York and raised in Silicon Valley, California. She studied Art History and East Asian Studies at Stanford University and began self-studying painting in 1996. Her early works focused on themes found in Imperial Chinese art, textiles, and ink paintings. Through the decades, her themes of birds, flowers, fishes, mountains, and water reveal traditional Chinese iconography relating to ever-lasting prosperity, strength, friendship, peace, and auspicious blessings. Her lyrical, impressionistic works embrace humanity, harmony, healing, and happiness through gentle expressions of color, light, lines and forms.

(opens in a new window) Five Elements Art Gallery
(opens in a new window) @fiveelementsartgallery

Nat Escobar, wet butterfly, 2019, Laser print collage, 4" × 6" (10.2 cm × 15.2 cm), image 12" × 12" × 3/4" (30.5 cm × 30.5 cm × 1.9 cm), frame

Nat Escobar

New York, NY

Nat Escobar is a queer Salvadoran-American artist who transforms their photographs into collages and then prints them onto hand-dyed textiles to create handmade accessories and wearables. Each piece incorporates images of the plants and weeds that Escobar sees during their New York City commutes, serving as symbols of resistance and resilience in a changing climate. Escobar's handmade pieces are sold independently at DIY pop-ups in NYC and, most recently, in Tokyo, as part of a collaboration with 8fields x Domicile Tokyo.

(opens in a new window) www.natescobar.com
(opens in a new window) @escobat
(opens in a new window) @shopescobat

Nicholas Kantarelis, Idaean Fingers l, 2023, aluminum, silicone, paint, 26" × 43" × 10" (66 cm × 109.2 cm × 25.4 cm)
Anthony B. Creeden, Sunrise (Koreatown), 2023, pigment dispersion on rabbit skin glue gesso, wax varnish, and sublimation print on polyester, 24" × 20" (61 cm × 50.8 cm)

Anthony B. Creeden

b. Washington, D.C.
Lives and works in Los Angeles, CA

Interested in the familiar and yet disparate connections of modern life, Anthony B. Creeden creates paintings that combine digital images captured during his daily walks around the Koreatown neighborhood of Los Angeles as well as early mornings with his two pet cats—images which are then printed on fabric and used as visual substrates. The surfaces of his works are built up with a traditional rabbit skin glue gesso to which pigments, suspended in water, are washed over and quickly absorbed. The end result resembles something closer to a fresco.

Creeden holds an MFA from The University of Texas at Austin and a BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. His works have been exhibited at the Elmhurst Art Museum in Elmhurst, Illinois; Edward Cella Gallery in Los Angeles; and William Benington Gallery in London.


Todd Kelly, Proud Mary, 2023, oil, acrylic, spray paint, colored foil, printed images, plexiglass, pink mirror, hardware, embroidery floss, stretcher bars, canvas, 24" × 18" (61 cm × 45.7 cm)

Todd Kelly

New York, NY

Born in Michigan, Todd Kelly currently lives and works in New York City. His work is represented by Asya Geisberg Gallery.

(opens in a new window) www.tskly.org
(opens in a new window) @toddstevenkelly

Jason Nickel, CrescentiA Cover (Come Along If You Can), 2023, Giclee print, 10-1/4" × 6-3/4" (26 cm × 17.1 cm) 12-1/4" × 8-1/4" (31.1 cm × 21 cm), framed

Jason Nickel

New York, NY

Jason was born in upstate New York and grew up in several locales throughout New York and Pennsylvania. He went to college in Ohio and graduate school on Long Island. He has worked as a carpenter, adjunct art professor, and art exhibition installer in numerous places and capacities. He currently lives and works in Queens.

After 20 years as an experimental abstract painter, Jason returned to figuration and began the process of painting and drawing an epic fantasy. The first cycle of this story is now a graphic novel, which he is currently crowdfunding.

Prints may be purchased for $30 at IndieGoGo. (opens in a new window) Click here to purchase.

(opens in a new window) www.jasonnickel.net
(opens in a new window) @cres_chron_

Morgan, Brii, 2020, acrylic on cardboard, 13" × 11" (33 cm × 27.9 cm)

Morgan Chanon-Smith

New York, NY

Morgan Chanon-Smith was born in New York City and raised in Queens, New York. She graduated from Skidmore College with a Bachelor’s in English and a minor in Studio Art. Chanon-Smith works primarily in pen, watercolor, and acrylic, and depicting Black femininity is central to her practice. Often accompanied by bright and colorful floral motifs, Chanon-Smith’s work aims to celebrate the vibrance of life, as she sees art making as part of her self-care. Chanon-Smith has experience working in museums, galleries, artists’ studios, and classrooms, and she is passionate about making art and arts spaces accessible and engaging to diverse audiences.

Morgan joined Pace in 2022 as Senior Event Associate and currently oversees the execution of the gallery’s public programming and events.


Frank Lentini, Untitled (Chair), 2021, oil on paper, 30" × 22" (76.2 cm × 55.9 cm)

Frank Lentini

b. 1969, in Brooklyn, New York
Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY

Frank Lentini received an MFA from Pratt Institute and has maintained a studio in Brooklyn since 1995. Lentini has contributed to numerous group exhibitions and residencies in New York and abroad. His work draws on perception and memory as it relates to his own personal experience. Working with abstraction and color, he uses a process of blind drawing and collage to both delineate space and sculpturally accentuate the gesture. Marks build to fold into and out of each other, simultaneously hiding information and creating a sense of flux.

Frank has been with Pace since 1997 in Art Fairs and Exhibition management.

(opens in a new window) www.franklentini.net

Annie Millman

b. 2000, Encinitas, California
Lives and works in New York

Annie Millman is a Czech-American photographer raised in Portland, Oregon and currently based in Brooklyn, NY. She received a BA in Political Science from Barnard College, where she also studied art history and visual art. Millman has been taking photos since a young age and is drawn to the medium's capacity to portray spirit and the subconscious. She often photographs her friends and family in domestic and natural environments and hopes for her work to serve as a celebration and reverence for those around her.

Her portraiture and editorial work have been featured in Editorial Magazine and Interview Magazine. Select exhibitions include "Whose Spirit is This?" curated by Piper Marshall at Barnard College (2022), and the Columbia University Undergraduate Visual Arts Exhibition (2019).

Annie has been working at Pace since July 2022.

(opens in a new window) www.amillman.com
(opens in a new window) @annie_millman

Annie Millman, Hearth, 2020, Chromogenic print (printed by the artist), 7" × 10-7/16" (17.8 cm × 26.5 cm), image 10" × 12" (25.4 cm × 30.5 cm), paper 11" × 14" (27.9 cm × 35.6 cm), framed
Annie Millman, Untitled (Apparitions), 2020, Chromogenic print (printed by the artist), 7-7/16" × 10-13/16" (18.9 cm × 27.5 cm), image 10" × 12" (25.4 cm × 30.5 cm), paper 11" × 14" (27.9 cm × 35.6 cm), framed

Zebadiah Keneally

New York, NY

Zebadiah Keneally (b. 1984), also known as Hamburger Vampire, is an interdisciplinary artist based in New York City. His drawings are offset by painting sculpture, video, performance, and book projects. When asked to describe his work, he says, “Lunch is very important.” His intricate vignettes use metaphor, humor, and symbolism to create compelling visual narratives. Zebadiah presented his first solo show in 2016 and has published his drawings with a long list of independent publishers. His work can also be found in the collections of the MoMA Library, the Thomas J. Watson Library at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the New York Public Library Special Collections. Apartamento published his debut graphic novel, All the Things I Know, in 2022.

(opens in a new window) www.hamburgervampire.com
(opens in a new window) @hamburgervampire

Zebadiah Keneally, All The Things I Know [interior page 360], 2022, ink on paper, 10" × 7-1/2" (25.4 cm × 19.1 cm)
Zebadiah Keneally, All The Things I Know [interior page 289], 2022, ink on paper, 10" × 7-1/2" (25.4 cm × 19.1 cm)
Zebadiah Keneally, All The Things I Know (Trailer), 2023, Single-channel video, Dimensions variable
Cole Hansen, Recursive Island #1, 2023, Tufted wool yarn, coiled polypropylene rope, 35" × 27" × 1" (88.9 cm × 68.6 cm × 2.5 cm) D

Cole Hansen

b. Fresno, California
Lives and works in New York

Cole Hansen received a BFA in photography from the California College of the Arts in 2012. Hansen launched “Ugly Rugly” in July 2017 with collaborator and partner Lauren Hansen, a fashion and design professional as an exploration into the production of wild and wacky home goods through unconventional textile methods. Based in Bushwick, NY, Ugly Rugly began as a result of both collaborators’ art practices as it combined Lauren’s colorful sewing with Cole’s tufting techniques. Inspired by Russian and Soviet avant-garde art, the Memphis movement, and Abstract Expressionism, Ugly Rugly innovates textile home goods and objects that embody a silly, irreverent, and cheerful spirit. Ugly Rugly’s goal is to “make soft objects for a hard world.”

Cole has worked with Pace for three years as a Viewing Coordinator.

(opens in a new window) uglyrugly.com
(opens in a new window) @uglyrugly

Joya Erickson, Untitled [Diptych], 2023, Two gouche, pencil, and ink works on paper, 13" × 20" (33 cm × 50.8 cm)

Joya Erickson

b. 1985, Columbia, MO
Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY

Joya Erickson was born in Columbia, Missouri and raised in Tucson, Arizona. She received a BFA in Fine Art and Art Education from the University of Arizona and an MA in Contemporary Art History from Sotheby's Institute of Art. Working in the field of registration, Joya is passionate about her role in supporting artists and their legacies. In her art practice, she creates abstract compositions, using gouache to explore color theory and pattern making in tandem with her interest in 19thcentury medical illustrations.

Joya started working at Pace in 2022 as a Senior Registrar.


Phoebe Derlee, Afterparty, 2023, oil on canvas, 24" × 20" (61 cm × 50.8 cm)

Phoebe Derlee

b. 1987, Atlanta, Georgia
Lives and works in New York

Phoebe Derlee was born in Atlanta, Georgia and currently lives and works in New York, New York. She holds a BFA from Hunter College and an MFA from Bard University. Derlee’s recent curatorial projects include the multidisciplinary exhibition” She Models for Her” at the Shed in New York, NY, a project that conceptually reframed the work of artist Suzanne Valadon. She has also exhibited in group shows at various venues, including Fahrenheit Madrid, Soloway, Wallach Art gallery at Columbia University, P exclamation, Situations NY, and Hercules Art space, CCA Kitakyushu, and Shanaynay Paris.

Derlee’s work troubles the boundaries between fixed genres and set authorship. She incorporates much of her photographic documentation work at Pace into her own artistic practice.

(opens in a new window) phoebedheurle.com
(opens in a new window) @phoebedheurle

Corey Escoto, Big debt energy, 2020, bronze, 4-1/2" × 4-1/2" × 5" (11.4 cm × 11.4 cm × 12.7 cm)

Corey Escoto

b. 1983, Amarillo, TX
Lives in Queens, NY and works in Brooklyn, NY

Corey Escoto works in Bushwick, Brooklyn as an interdisciplinary artist. He has had solo exhibitions at Regina Rex, Corbett vs. Dempsey, Halsey McKay Gallery, the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, and the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. An alumnus of the Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture, Escoto is a recipient of the Gateway Foundation Grant and a Kala Fellowship Award. In his work, Escoto explores the emotional and physical consequences of the conditions of a fluctuating economy, the precarity of health, and foundational and systemic imbalances. Escoto’s bronze appendages, charged with ritual and gesture, reflect the dichotomy of acknowledging these difficult truths and simultaneously attempting to console oneself and one’s body.

Escoto works at Pace as a truck driver.

(opens in a new window) coreyescoto@gmail.com
(opens in a new window) @coreyescoto

David Andrews

b. Honolulu, HI
Lives in Brooklyn, NY

Net art should be anonymous, I've committed great heresy.

Freelance art handler and grateful for the opportunity.

(opens in a new window) @prxy.bf

David Andrews, Shingeki no Caravaggio, 2020, digital print TBC, 5" × 8" (12.7 cm × 20.3 cm), framed
Jay Maldonado, City living, 2009, inkjet print on Moab rag natural "fine art paper", matte finish, 20" × 24" (50.8 cm × 61 cm)

Jay Maldonado

1976, New York, NY
Lives and works in New York

Raised by his grandparents on the Lower East Side of New York, Jay picked up skateboarding at 11 years old, navigating the streets and downtown scene through the eyes of skateboarder. As part of the 1990s golden age of New York skateboarding, Jay eventually became a sponsored skateboarder representing different brands, and he was featured on the cover of Big Brother magazine. In an attempt to document himself and New York locals, Jay picked up a video camera in 1997 and soon became one of the most prolific videographers in the New York scene, releasing his video La Luz in 2002. Jay was introduced to photography by 2008, and he began documenting what he knows best: New York City’s insular street culture. Jay has had work featured at a group show at Saatchi & Saatchi in New York and Milk Studios, and he has published photos in the New York Times.

-Steve Rodriguez

(opens in a new window) www.jaymaldonado.com
(opens in a new window) @jmaldonado_n

Carbon Anderson, Cherish, 2021, acid dye on silk, 17" × 17" (43.2 cm × 43.2 cm)

Carbon Anderson

New York, NY

Carbon Anderson is a genre- and medium-fluid artist who moves primarily between painting and sound. Their practice is a binary-disintegrating exploration of the complex and often contradictory drives of human experience. The concept of gravity threads through mediums as an analogy for existential query. The body floats, falls, is buoyed, weighted, fragmented, and temporarily dissolved.

(opens in a new window) www.carbonanderson.us
(opens in a new window) @kissingpost92
(opens in a new window) @pamela__ahs

Jason Peabody, lamps along the void of the sea, 2023, oil, acrylic, and ink on canvas board, 24" × 18-3/4" × 1-1/4" (61 cm × 47.6 cm × 3.2 cm)

Jason Peabody

b. 1990, Hartford, CT
Lives and works in Los Angeles, CA

Jason Peabody is a California-based painter and sculptor. His work utilizes movement, shape, and texture to explore an abstraction of emotion in response to the day-to-day degradation of society. The saturation and motion within the works are the vessels through which to channel the frustration and emotion associated with recent events while creating a conceptual scape for the viewer to infer their own denotation.

Jason works at Pace as a preparator.

(opens in a new window) www.jasonpeabody.com

Nicholas Colbert, Radiance Within, 2023, acrylic on canvas, 24" × 20" (61 cm × 50.8 cm)

Nick Colbert

New York, NY

Nick Colbert is a Brooklyn-based painter and BFA graduate from William Paterson University.

Nick works at Pace Gallery as a preparator.


Heather Lynn Johnson, Portrait of Artist as Young Man with Light-Skinned and Cornrows, 2022, acrylic and oil on canvas, 24" × 18" (61 cm × 45.7 cm)

Heather Lynn Johnson

Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY

Heather Lynn Johnson is a multidisciplinary artist/poet and their work is characterized by its lyricism and cultural critique that centers Black liberation with an emphasis on gendered objectification and lost histories. Having received an MFA with honors from the Rhode Island School of Design, she is the author of The Survival Guide For Queer Black Youth (Inpatient Press, 2017) and her solo exhibition, The Essence We Leave Behind, presented at Nesto Gallery in Milton, Massachusetts in 2022, included paintings and selected poems. Most recently, their painting Black Lesbian Jesus - A Benediction, From The After Basquiat series (2022) was exhibited at Canada Gallery in New York as part of Peter BD presents: Connection in 2023. Heather has been a co-curator for Queer|Art|Film since 2020, was the 2019 Leslie-Lohman Museum Fellow and was the 2017 Literary Fellow for Queer|Art|Mentorship.

Heather is a freelance photographer who has worked at Pace since 2018.

(opens in a new window) @theheatherlynnjohnson

Abelardo Cruz Santiago

New York, NY

Born on February 5 in Oaxaca, herded goats
(Land of clouds, bribing my goats with salt)

The border crossed me, I didn’t cross it
(An adventure at seven years old)

Lived in California for 21 years, crushed grapes
(A wine country, full of roses, state of poppies)

*Mein Deutsch ist im Winter nicht gut

New York since 2011, Bed-Stuy nine years
(Wu-Tang generated name: Misunderstood Bandit)


Abelardo Cruz Santiago, Untitled (el deporte blanco series), 2016, canvas on tennis racquet, 12" × 27" × 2" (30.5 cm × 68.6 cm × 5.1 cm)
Joseph Dolinsky, Whirlpool, 2023, pigment and dyed plaster, 16" × 17" × 8-1/2" (40.6 cm × 43.2 cm × 21.6 cm)
Brooke Wanzenberg, Lily, 2023, Pigment print on paper, 20" × 24" (50.8 cm × 61 cm), overall

Brooke Wanzenberg

b. 1998, Illinois
Lives and works in New York, NY

Brooke was born and raised in Winnetka, Illinois. She joined Pace as a gallery assistant in August 2022 after working in development for the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, where she now sits council along with the Young Patrons at the NYCB and Junior Associates at MoMA. She obtainedher BFA and Art History double-major Summa Cum Laude, with an emphasis on post-modern and contemporary art, from Santa Clara University. Though she trained as a sculptor, Brooke has always been a photographer. Since moving to New York, she has gravitated towards film, given the lively nature of the city and general accessibility. Her photography, which was featured in O'Flaherty's Patriot show this past year, explores the mundane and intimate moments of being alive.


Annie Millman

Annie Millman, Untitled (Sophia in the Wilson River), 2020, Chromogenic print (printed by the artist), 7-13/16" × 11-3/8" (19.8 cm × 28.9 cm), image 10" × 12" (25.4 cm × 30.5 cm), paper 11" × 14" (27.9 cm × 35.6 cm), framed
Marcy Chevali, Untitled, 2022, flameworked borosilicate glass, 10" × 12" × 12" (25.4 cm × 30.5 cm × 30.5 cm)

Marcy Chevali

New York, NY

Marcy Chevali has shown her work at venues including the Noyes Museum (Hammonton, New Jersey), the Queens Museum (Flushing, New York) and AIR Gallery (Brooklyn, New York), and she has attended residencies at the Albee Foundation (2017), Pittsburgh Glass Center (2022), and Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts (Upcoming, 2023). In her work, she creates nets from materials such as glass, thread, wire, and graphite to explore ideas of repetition, infinity, vulnerability, and dualities of interiority/exteriority and threat/safety.

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Sharron, existless, 2014, inkjet print on paper, 8" × 8" (20.3 cm × 20.3 cm) 20" × 20" (50.8 cm × 50.8 cm), framed

Sharron Diedrichs

New York, NY

Sharron Diedrichs is a high-end retoucher/photographer/visual artist who received her Master of Professional Studies in Digital Photography from New York City’s prestigious School of Visual Arts. Before moving to New York to pursue her graduate degree, she worked as a magazine arts editor and the director of a gallery in Denver’s Santa Fe Art District. Her fine art work has been exhibited in several Manhattan galleries, and this fall she will be teaching Intro to Digital Photography at the University of Colorado Denver.

Sharron has been a freelance retoucher at Pace since October 2022.

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Christine Lee, Untitled (white & gold), 2023, thread on paper, 12" × 9" (30.5 cm × 22.9 cm)

Christine Lee

New York

Christine Lee was born in Daejeon, South Korea and currently lives and works in New York. She studied art history at the University of Chicago. She primarily works with thread on paper. Since 2016, Lee has worked as the Director of Research for the forthcoming Lee Ufan Catalogue Raisonné to be published by Cahiers d'Art Institute.

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Sam Block

New York, NY

Sam Block is a photographer living and working New York. Before relocating to New York in 2021, he lived for 11 years in Washington, D.C., where he studied and graduated from the Corcoran College of Art + Design. His work primarily focuses on the solitude of the physical spaces we inhabit, and the impact humans have on the world.

Sam has worked at Pace since 2021, first as a preparator and now as the Local Shipping Manager for the New York offices.

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Sam Block, Untitled, 2014, inkjet print on cotton rag paper, 18" × 24" × 1" (45.7 cm × 61 cm × 2.5 cm) 20" × 26" × 1" (50.8 cm × 66 cm × 2.5 cm), framed

Ryan Schroeder

New York, NY

Ryan Schroeder is a professional artist from Rochester, New York. His oil paintings primarily focus on cultural erasure, environmental destruction, and overlooked people in society. Ryan has won numerous art awards and grants, including two Elizabeth Greenshields Grants, and has been featured in various art publications. His art has been shown in over 20 exhibitions around the US, Asia, and Europe. Ryan was an artist-in-residence at Shanghai University in China and was twice the artist-in-residence of the Raketenstation at the Insel Hombroich Foundation in Germany. He was also selected as a Fulbright Scholar for painting in Düsseldorf and Münster, Germany. Ryan has previously worked for Jeff Koons and at the Guggenheim Museum on retrospective exhibitions with artists such as Alex Katz that have been seen by hundreds of thousands of visitors and featured in the New York Times and Vogue. In 2022, he was the Featured Artist for the White House Fellows Annual Leadership Conference. Ryan was the first in his family to receive a post-secondary degree, receiving a Bachelor of Arts from the Maryland Institute College of Art and a Master of Fine Arts from the New York Art Academy. Schroeder’s solo exhibition, Engaging Reality: People and Spaces, will be on view from September 1 to 26, 2023, at Space 776 in New York.

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Ryan M Schroeder, Nestled in Crimson, 2023, oil on wood, 8" × 10" (20.3 cm × 25.4 cm)
William Hempel, THIS ARTWORK IS NOT TRUE, 2023, screenprint on aluminum, 36" × 24" (91.4 cm × 61 cm)

William Hempel

New York, NY

William Hempel was born in New York City and studied Fine Arts at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. His multidisciplinary art practice often revolves around ideas of language, art history, and technology. He is currently writing a dissertation on art and aesthetics for the European Graduate School while also working in the NYC art world in different capacities. Working with Pace has been a great source of inspiration.

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Magnus Gitt Henderson, a bear saved from the rats (SOUVENIR), 2023, Found object (bear souvenir and Styrofoam box), photograph, resin, 11" × 3" × 3" (27.9 cm × 7.6 cm × 7.6 cm)
Nate Kamp, Particularly suited, 2023, Graphite on mylar mounted to board, 8" × 10" (20.3 cm × 25.4 cm)

Nate Kamp

New York, NY

Nate Kamp studied illustration and printmaking at SCAD in both Savannah and Atlanta, Georgia before moving to New York in 2012. He is interested in the idea of house vs home, documenting the visual effects economic events and trends have on living spaces at both large and small scales. Often combining photography, digital editing, drawing, and printmaking, his newer work relies more on watercolor, ink, colored pencils, and graphite on paper.

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Yadin Dickstein

New York, NY


Yadin Dickstein, 41.64582476619866, 41.65026619151196, 2015, digital print on dibond, 24" × 20" (61 cm × 50.8 cm)
John Richey, Untitled (Pareidolia 020), 2023, two cyanotype prints on paper, physically cut and woven together by hand, 19" × 19" (48.3 cm × 48.3 cm), sheet 20" × 20" (50.8 cm × 50.8 cm), frame

John Richey

b. San Diego, CA
Lives and works in New York, NY

John Richey is a New York-based visual artist and curator who works between Brooklyn, New York and the Hudson Valley. His cross-disciplinary practice is process-driven and incorporates cyanotype, handmade video animations, and immersive installations using themes and images borrowed from personal collections. He holds multiple degrees, has exhibited domestically and abroad, and was profiled in Artforum International’s “Best of 2004.” Richey has held professional titles in New York at Marian Goodman Gallery, Greene Naftali Gallery, the Keith Haring Foundation, and Pace Gallery.

John works as the Senior Registrar for Arne Glimcher’s office and has been with Pace for seven years.

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Dustin McBride, Vampire with Broccoli, 2022, oil on paper on canvas, 12" × 9" × 1-1/2" (30.5 cm × 22.9 cm × 3.8 cm)

Dustin McBride

New York, NY

My paintings explore the relationship between human experience and the myths and symbols we invent to understand ourselves. These collective symbols are investigated through the plastic formalities of painting, leading to a constant re-evaluation of meaning through mediation by the creator, viewer, medium, and form. How is the socially constructed meaning of a familiar image altered by the changing attitudes of a mass spectatorship? How is the individual to contend with this shifting environment when attempting to construct meaning in the world? My paintings are an effort to define the self in and against a semantic world that is both overdetermined and corrupted.

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Ben Pederson, Some Stuff I'll Never Make (#1), 2020, Spray paint and vinyl paint on canvas, 24" × 18" (61 cm × 45.7 cm)

Ben Pederson

New York, NY

As I’ve aged, art has become more and more of a meditative, looking-within process. It’s an archeology of the heart and the mind. I focus on what a piece is doing, rather than what it is. I’ve found this to be the best way to allow a piece to become its best self and me to become mine.

-Ben Pederson, 2023

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Liam Neff, Tim, 2023, oil and gouache on canvas, 13" × 13" (33 cm × 33 cm)

Patrick Grady

b. 1988, Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey
Lives in Ridgewood, Queens

Patrick holds a BA in Art History from Hunter College, works as a Registrar and has been with the gallery since 2021.

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Patrick Grady, Untitled (Saturday), (40.11741, 74.03151), 2023, two dye diffusion transfer prints, 3-3/8" × 8-5/8" (8.6 cm × 21.9 cm), unframed 7-1/16" × 12-5/16" × 1-1/2" (17.9 cm × 31.3 cm × 3.8 cm), framed
Patrick Grady, Untitled (Sunday), (40.11741, 74.03151), 2023, two dye diffusion transfer prints, 3-3/8" × 8-5/8" (8.6 cm × 21.9 cm), unframed 7-1/16" × 12-5/16" × 1-1/2" (17.9 cm × 31.3 cm × 3.8 cm), framed
Ben Epstein, Untitled, 2023, sunlight on card, 4" × 4" (10.2 cm × 10.2 cm), image

Benjamin Epstein

b. 1995, London, UK
Lives and works in New York, NY


Amanda Kopp, Content & Controlled (AK285), 2022, acrylic and charcoal on paper, 24" × 19" (61 cm × 48.3 cm)

Amanda Kopp

New York, NY

Amanda Kopp received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan with a focus on painting and installation. Kopp studied under artists Lynda Benglis, Jack Whitten, Andrea Belag, and Leigh Behnke. Over the past decade, Kopp’s work has been focused on her series entitled Content & Controlled. Rather than using a traditional paintbrush, Kopp creates these works with a rubber roller. The patterns vary depending on how much pressure is applied to the roller and then outlined, subconsciously creating a meditative environment for the viewer.

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Chris Millstein, Various Angles, 2023, gelatin silver print (printed by the artist), 12-1/4" × 8-1/4" (31.1 cm × 21 cm), image 14" × 11" (35.6 cm × 27.9 cm), paper 19-3/4" × 16-1/2" × 1-1/2" (50.2 cm × 41.9 cm × 3.8 cm), framed

Chris Millstein

New York, NY

Chris Millstein is a musician, painter, and photographer living and working in Brooklyn, NY. Over the past year, his creative practice has been primarily focused on a return to black & white film photography and creating prints in the darkroom. His approach to the medium is both a meditation on light, form, and composition as well as a way of slowing down to observe and document the beauty and poetry he finds in the ephemeral nature of everyday life.


Emma Kearney, Spiritual Pollutant, 2020, unfired clay, nylon, wire, 30" × 24" × 24" (76.2 cm × 61 cm × 61 cm)

Emma Kearney

Los Angeles, CA

Emma Kearney is a visual artist based in Los Angeles.

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Abelardo Cruz Santiago, Untitled (el deporte blanco series), 2016, canvas on tennis racquet, 12" × 27" × 2" (30.5 cm × 68.6 cm × 5.1 cm)

Abelardo Cruz Santiago

Doni Dusan Lucas, Book 2, 2023, mixed media, 13" × 11" (33 cm × 27.9 cm)

Doni Dusan Lucas

New York, NY

In his work, Doni Lucas investigates the lack of connection the Black American has to their history of African symbols and patterns. Lucas uses modern patterns and forms to create an image that recalls African patterns. This series begins with referencing the pattern on the bottom of athletic shoes. The manipulated shoe print brings a strong, yet totally incorrect association with African symbols, marking them both as equally important and meaningless at the same time.

Doni works as an Art Resources Director at Pace.

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Daphne Takahashi

Los Angeles, CA

Daphne Takahashi works at Pace as an Imaging Specialist.


Daphne Takahashi, Untitled, 2014, two-color linoleum cut on paper, 10-3/4" × 13" × 1-3/4" (27.3 cm × 33 cm × 4.4 cm), framed