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Yto Barrada's Tree Identification for Beginners © Yto Barrada

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Yto Barrada's "Tree Identification for Beginners" Awarded by Swiss Office of Culture

Pace Gallery warmly congratulates Yto Barrada, whose publication, Tree Identification for Beginners, was awarded as one of the Most Beautiful Swiss Books of 2018 by the Swiss Office of Culture.

The publication, consisting of colored newspaper with a red-and-white softcover, documents and contextualizes a performance by the Moroccan artist in a highly illuminating way. Commissioned for the 2017 Performa Biennial in New York, Barrada's performance mirrors the first trip to America made by the artist’s mother in 1966. The documentation and presentation in Tree Identification for Beginners offer an outstanding reflection of Barrada's creative practice, with fascinating discoveries to be made on almost every page.

For more information on Tree Identification for Beginners, please visit the Swiss Office of Culture's (opens in a new window) website. Additionally, the winning publications will appear in a group exhibition traveling throughout Switzerland this summer and fall, the dates and locations of which can be found  (opens in a new window) here.

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Yto Barrada's Tree Identification for Beginners.

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  • Artist Projects — Yto Barrada's "Tree Identification for Beginners" Awarded by Swiss Office of Culture, Jun 18, 2019