Pace Live

Night Vision: James Massiah and Yen-Ching Lin

A response to Gideon Appah’s "How to Say Sorry in a Thousand Lights"

Published Wednesday, Jun 14, 2023

To celebrate Gideon Appah’s first exhibition with Pace, How to Say Sorry in a Thousand Lights, we invited two London-based artists to respond to Appah's enigmatic paintings through their distinct, multi-faceted practices.

The event began with James Massiah, poet and musician, who constructed a soundscape with his live DJ set and read aloud poems written in response to Appah’s Cloud Men (2021-23). Experimental performance artist, Yen-Ching Lin then led the crowd through the three gallery spaces, creatively activating the paintings through intuitive movement.

  • Pace Live — Watch James Massiah and Yen-Ching Lin's "Night Vision", Jun 14, 2023