Installation video © Michal Rovner Studio


Michal Rovner

Crepe nel muro

Chiesa di Santa Maria dello Spasimo, Palmero

Nov 6 – Dec 8, 2019

On the occasion of the 2019 Biennale Arcipelago Mediterraneo, Michal Rovner presents Crepe nel muro, Palermo, a 25-meter-tall site-specific installation at the Chiesa di Santa Maria dello Spasimo in Palermo.

Titled ÜberMauer, the 2019 edition of BAM takes place in a year marked by three anniversaries of major political and symbolic significance: the thirtieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and of the Tiananmen Square uprising, and the fiftieth anniversary of the Stonewall riots. From these historical cues the project starts with a rich programme of events disseminated in various historic sites of the city, from the centre to the outskirts, with the participation of internationally-acclaimed artists. The programme has been prepared as a choral effort by the Fondazione Merz and European Alternatives, which for the occasion has moved its own Transeuropa Festival to Palermo, along with the collaboration of the various players in the cultural, artistic and political life of the City of Palermo.

For more information, please visit Fondazione Merz's (opens in a new window) website.

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