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Drawing into Being

Texts by Arne Glimcher, Bernice Rose
Design by Tomo Makiura

Made for a 1999 exhibition at Pace, Saul Steinberg: Drawing into Being presents color reproductions of works on paper from four decades of the artist’s practice.

The catalogue includes a text by Arne Glimcher written in remembrance of Steinberg, who died that year; a robust essay on his drawing practice by art historian Bernice Rose; and a wooden card printed with the artist’s self-portrait affixed to the book’s cover.

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Steinberg: Drawing into Being
Texts by Arne Glimcher, Bernice Rose
Design by Tomo Makiura
80 Pages
10 x 11"

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Saul Steinberg


Saul Steinberg: Drawing into Being
Oct 1 – 30, 1999

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In accepting laughter as his medium, Steinberg placed himself in the tradition of visual art which operates as a quest parallel to that of philosophy in the self's quest for self-realization.

Bernice Rose

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Being with Saul was seeing a layered world whose reality was heightened by the gift of his perception.

Arne Glimcher

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Steinberg: Drawing into Being

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  • Pace Publishing — Steinberg: Drawing into Being, Aug 1, 1999