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Robert Whitman to perform in Parades for FIAC

Robert Whitman is scheduled to perform two pieces, Prune Flat, 1965 and Local Report: Side Effects, 2017, at the Musée du Louvre as part of FIAC's (opens in a new window) Hors les Murs performance program, Parades for FIAC.


Prune Flat, conceived specifically for a proscenium stage, combines live performers, film projection and evocative props. Large film images envelop and flatten performers, who then appear in full three-dimensionality on the stage, echoing the actions they perform in the film. When the actions of a third performer coincide exactly with the film that is projected on her, the line between film and reality dissolves in magical sequences of images.

Duration: 30 minutes


Local Report: Side Effects combines two strands in Whitman’s performance history. Performers located throughout Paris make live video and voice reports, using smart phone apps specially developed for the performance. These reports are integrated into the pre-recorded images, evocative props, and actions by live performers in the auditorium. Quotidian actions of cooking, dressing, hair cutting, and sightseeing are imagined anew in the flow of recorded and live images flowing through the space.

Duration: 30 minutes 

In collaboration with the musée du Louvre, the Centre Georges Pompidou and Pace, New York, London, Beijing, Hong Kong, Palo Alto, Paris.

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Saturday, 21 October, 8:30 PM
Auditorium of the musée du Louvre
entrance under the Pyramid
75001 Paris

  • Artist Projects — Robert Whitman to perform in Parades for FIAC, Oct 10, 2017